*It's Back!* Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Junior Kit – $14.39 Shipped!


Update: This crazy good price is available once again!

We have a set of Dave Ramsey audio books for the kids that we listened to over the Christmas break.  We’ve always taught them to divide their money between 3 envelopes – Give, Save, and Spend.  However until they listened to these stories they didn’t quite grasp why and the thought of saving for college or a car was so far removed from their everyday life.  It’s been so much fun to see the lessons come to life for them!  The Financial Peace Junior Kit includes their favorite book – Battle of the Chores.  I highly recommend this kit for your children, ours are ages 5, 7, 9, and 11 and they were all ears and we loved how the concepts were broken down for them to understand.

Amazon has Financial Peace Junior Kit on sale right now for $14.939 plus free shipping for Prime Members.

In the Financial Peace Junior Kit you’ll find the following:

  1. Kid’s Activity Book
  2. Parent Guide
  3. Quick Start Guide
  4. Dry Erase Chore Chart
  5. Magnet Frame
  6. Battle of the Chores Audiobook
  7. 4 Crayons
  8. Calculator
  9. Stickers
  10. Wet Erase Marker
  11. Give, Save, and Spend Envelopes

From Dave Ramsey about WHY we should teach our kid’s about money:

Remember when you were a kid and had no idea what it was like to pay bills? Parents often shelter their kids from grown-up realities about money. But in our attempts to protect them from “real world” truths, we can fail to teach them about money at all.

As a result, we’re raising a whole generation with “sucker” stamped on their foreheads. When your kids leave home, they need to know how to handle the financial challenges and temptations they’ll face. They should be aware of the hidden dangers behind those credit card offers and that driving a used car isn’t such a bad thing. It’s our job as parents to get this message through to them. If you teach your children how to handle money when they’re young, they won’t end up with money regrets later on in life. You can give them the head start you wish you’d had.


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