Homemade Greek Yogurt Recipe

Greek Yogurt is a healthy indulgence, but it’s expensive!  Here is a DIY Greek Yogurt procedure to easily convert regular Mountain High All Natural Yogurt (or another high quality brand) into a thick, creamy Greek-style yogurt.  I basically strained the liquid out using simple household items.  The result was amazing!

Homemade Greek Yogurt Ingredients:

:: Mountain High All Natural Yogurt ($1 for 32 oz. at the 99 Cents Only Store)
:: A strainer or colander
:: A bowl
:: Cheesecloth or a clean, dedicated Dishcloth
:: A rubberband


1.   Line the strainer or colander with cheesecloth.  Or, I simply used a clean, loosely-woven Dishcloth.
2.   Place All Natural Yogurt into the cloth.  Secure top with rubberband.
3.   Set the yogurt & strainer/colander over a bowl.  The bottom of the strainer musn’t touch the bottom of the bowl.
4.   Leave the entire apparatus in the ‘fridge, at least 4 hours.
5.   You’ll see liquid has strained-out & is inside the bowl.  Some people save & use this liquid.
6.   Greek Yogurt is ready!  Open up your cloth.  Thick, creamy goodness.  Use a spatula to scrape it into a bowl.
7.   Clean-up.  I rinse out my Dishcloth & run it thru the wash.  Made it a dedicated Dishcloth for Yogurt-making only.

Serving Ideas:

:: Greek Yogurt drizzled with Honey.  Sprinkle fresh pomegranate arils and/or toasted almonds on top.
:: Greek Yogurt Dip for baby carrots & peppers.  Mix yogurt with Lipton Dip Mix (see photo of shopping trip).
:: Greek Yogurt as a substitute for sour cream.  I used it in a Tetrazinni recipe.


I experimented with two brands of yogurt — Mountain High & Yoplait.   The Mountain High was way more successful.  The Yoplait did NOT work–I think it’s due to the cornstarch and/or gelatin contained in Yoplait.  Definitely try this if you run across Mountain High brand yogurt!  It is divine & affordable!  😉

Thanks for sharing Jolene!


  1. Sylvia says

    I’ve done this several times using Ina Garten’s recipe! When the yogurt’s done, she adds honey & freshly-squeezed orange juice or vanilla bean. Then serve with berries. Yummy breakfast!

  2. Jolene says

    I’m curious about kicking-it-up a notch to make Frozen Greek Yogurt! I could try it in my electric ice cream-maker machine = my next project.

    Also, I glanced over a different procedure for homemade Greek Yogurt. It involved a small amount of live culture yogurt, milk, and a warm oven. But the instructions were so long, it lost my attention :(

    • Jolene says

      I’ve found (and love) another method for making yogurt without the warm oven! Very easy. I use 3T of store-bought yogurt as starter. Add to warm milk. Keep in a Mason Jar inside a cooler (for insulation). Yields a more yogurt in the mason jar! Magic!

  3. seema gupta says

    I make my own yogurt from scratch. Whey in yogurt is very good for health so don’t throw it. Try adding it in your smoothies or something.

    • Jolene says

      seema gupta,
      Thank you! I learned something new from you about whey! I’ve been throwing away minerals & vitamins unknowingly…I’ll use the whey now.


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