Get your Black Friday shopping lists ready!

Just one day now until BLACK Friday, except of course the stores that are open on Thanksgiving day.  Are you ready?  Here are a few things you’ll need to know…

  1. So far we know that Walmart, Old Navy, and GAP, and, Kohls, Best Buy, and many others are already (or will be) having the same sales (almost entirely) online during Black Friday – so no need to leave the house!
  2. At any time you can go here to find ALL of the current 2011 Black Friday deals, we’ve also added direct links to each store’s Black Friday deals and the comparisons that Mr. Frugal has written up.  You can find those easily on the right side bar below.
  3. Please read this post Black Friday DoorBuster prices Busted? so you’re not duped into spending more than you should.
  4. Did you know that Amazon ALREADY Beats Black Friday Prices in many cases?  This post is being updated DAILY.
  5. If you go to any of the stores listed below you can print a shopping list so you don’t forget anything, and also don’t forget “A good deal is only a good deal when it’s the very best that you can afford.”

Do you know where the best deal is on that item you’re looking for?

Mr. Frugal is comparing and offering his advice on various tech products this year.  He’s also comparing them by store in the links below with many more comparisons to come!

  1. Tablet Deals Compared
  2. Laptop Deals Compared
  3. iPod & MP3 Player Deals Compared
  4. TV Deals Compared
  5. Video Game System Deals Compared
  6. Digital Camera Deals Compared
  7. Desktop PC Deals Compared
  8. Netbook Deals Compared
  9. Blu Ray Player Deals Compared
  10. Video Camera Deals Compared
  11. Laptop & Desktop Recommendations
Show me the Black Friday ads already!
Here are the stores we’ve covered so far.  We’ve added Amazon links to the same products when possible so you can compare prices and read the reviews all the way up to Black Friday.  If you see a lower price you can jump on it early and get some extra sleep.
  1. Toys R Us Black Friday Deals 2011
  2. Target Black Friday Deals 2011
  3. Ace Hardware Black Friday Deals 2011
  4. Best Buy Black Friday Deals 2011
  5. Walmart Black Friday Deals 2011
  6. Costco Black Friday Deals and Coupons 2011
  7. Old Navy Black Friday Deals 2011
  8. Sears Black Friday Deals 2011
  9. JCPenney Black Friday Deals 2011
  10. Kohl’s Black Friday Deals 2011
  11. CVS Black Friday Deals 2011
  12. Walgreens Black Friday Deals 2011
  13. Rite Aid Black Friday Deals 2011


  1. Kim Dauer via Facebook says

    I’m looking for women’s pajamas with front button top, silky or satin material size L or XL – best price?

  2. Jodi says

    Thanks for doing this. You are on of my favorite sites! We already have our transactions for CVS set up! Can’t wait!

  3. Jessica Gentry says

    I also want to add my thanks for the hard work you and Mr.Frugal put into the Black Friday deals, lists, comparisons, etc. THANK YOU! And I hope your family had a great Thanksgiving. :)


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