Groupon: As low $2 per month for Online Meal Planning for School Lunches, Dinners, or Both from eMeals!

This deal is back! For as low as $24 you’ll get a 12-month subscription to, a meal planning resource for busy families (a $58 value). This is a recommended resource direct from Dave Ramsey himself!  You can choose between Diet Specific, Store Specific, Family Friendly, or Table for 1 or 2 Meal Plans.

12 Months of Online Meal Planning for School Lunches – $24

12 Months of Online Meal Planning for Dinners – $29

12 Months of Online Meal Planning for School Lunches and Dinners – $39

Here is some more info about eMeals:

eMeals charts out a week’s worth of dollar- and health-savvy dinner recipes to relieve the burden of kitchen-related stress. Each week, organized grocery lists—customized by family size, dietary desires, and store preferences—showcase flavorful culinary creations for discerning palates. Plans developed by working parents capitalize on sale items at stores such as Walmart and Kroger, and an “any store” list can be used to navigate the aisles of other favored grocers. Family meal plans serve seven meals for three–six people, whereas plans for two are tailored to singles, couples, or a pair of sock puppets on a date atop a chest of drawers. Lunch plans help add creativity to lackluster midday meals, providing working adults and parents of tiny diners with five nutritionally-balanced meal options every week.

Special vegetarian, gluten-free, low-carb, low-fat, and portion-controlled meal-plan options aid nongeneric eaters in assembling targets for their teeth and fitness regimens. The Walmart family plan supplies culinary sustenance to families of three–six for an average weekly cost of $75–$85 and takes advantage of the store’s regularly discounted prices. A duo can fill a Publix cart for $50–$60 a week, including side dishes.

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