Giveaway: P&G Full Size Sample Box

PG Sample Box

From time to time P&G (Proctor and Gamble) will reach out to me and offer me a package of products to sample. Very rarely do I say yes to these companies unless there is something in it for you too.  So today I am happy to say that I’ve got a package for one of you from P&G that includes the following:

  1. NEW Swiffer WETJET with Mr. Clean Power Pads
  2. Duracell UltraPower AA 2 pack
  3. Pantene Moisture Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner

The winner will get these products shipped to their door to enjoy on behalf of P&G.  Trust me it’s fun to get freebies like this!  I plan to do this more often but we have to show them that you’re interested, so what do you say – wanna win?

Enter to win:

It’s simple just leave a separate comment for each of the following questions. Each comment you leave separately is an entry, each reader can enter up to 3 times.

  1. What do you think of the Postal Service cancelling mail deliveries on Saturdays?
  2. What’s one of your favorite P&G products?
  3. What are your plans for Spring Break?

This giveaway will end on Friday 2/8 at 9pm PST.  The winner will be chosen at random using our “And the winner is” plugin for WordPress.  They will be contacted and have 24 hours from the time the email is sent to respond before another winner is chosen.  Have fun and get your entries in!



  1. Kathy M says

    My favorite P&G product is Pantene for curly hair although I love Tide fragrance free too. I love P&G. There prices are so cheap too.

  2. Livivua Chandler says

    most of my important mail comes thru the week so I am not upset about it. They will still deliver packages on saturday and that is what counts for me.

  3. Ginny Logan says

    I would be sad if there was no Saturday mail since I LOVE getting the mail, BUT if it would lower postal rates I could adapt.

  4. Ginny Logan says

    My favorite P&G product is Tide laundry detergent…but it has to be the Sport with Febreeze.

  5. Ginny Logan says

    I’m having a pampered chef party over spring break. I know, whoop de dooo, but I’ll also be 9 months pregnant so we gotta stick around.

  6. Deanna says

    I’m bummed about no Saturday delivery. That’s the day my husband gets the mail since he works during the week; maybe I’m more bummed for him than me because he likes getting the mail.

  7. Deanna says

    We don’t have big Spring Break plans…yet. That doesn’t mean something fun might not pop up on our calendar between now and then but for now, we’re unbooked. :)

  8. Jennifer B. says

    I really do not have an opinion on the post office closing on Sat. If it helps them save money then go for it. I can wait to receive my bills on Monday….I normally get junk on Sat. anyways :)

  9. Jennifer B. says

    My favorite P&G products right now are the Downy Unstoppables…they smell so good :) Dawn, Mr. Clean….oh what the heck they all are!!

  10. Jennifer B. says

    Spring break for us is the first week of April. My daughter will be turning 6 that weekend so I will be spending the week making her a Rapunzel cake…she is wanting a tower with long hair!

  11. Kara says

    It’s about time they made some drastic changes to get their budget under control. No Saturday mail will be a change, but we will get used to it.

  12. Lindsey warren says

    Hopefully we will get to do something for spring break, we thought about the aquarium in Monterey, it just depends on hubby’s work schedule.

  13. Brandy E says

    As an accountant, I totally understand the USPS cutting out Saturday delivery. But I enjoy getting the mail, so slightly bummed that there is one day less a week.

  14. Kara says

    Relax with my kids home from school, travel a few hours away to visit a friend who will have a new baby.

  15. pinky says

    Sad that they have to cancel delivery because it probably means cuts for peoples jobs but doesn’t really affect us to much.

  16. Heather P says

    I don’t like that they are getting rid of Saturday delivery…just slows up the mail even more and I love getting something on the weekend! I love most P&G products, but love the Pantene products for sure! We are just going to relax and hang out over spring break…taking it easy this year.

  17. Katy Endriss says

    I have no problem with the mail being cut back – I don’t receive a ton of mail, anyway. Makes sense for them to do something, since Congress did nothing.

  18. Katy Endriss says

    I love all my swiffer products! Now when I do get around to cleaning my floors, I don’t hate it! 😀

  19. Katy Endriss says

    I don’t really have any plans for Spring Break – I’ll still have work to do. I’m just hoping for some good down time with my husband and son!

  20. jen dugan says

    Spring Break what is that? i am self employed very seldom get day off during the week but love being my own boss

  21. Carol D. says

    The no-Saturday delivery will help the postal service. There really doesn’t seem to be another alternative. I don’t mind only getting mail 5 days per week.

  22. Brandy E says

    For spring break, my husband and I will be road tripping around Kentucky (Bowling Green, Louisville, and Lexington mostly) with our puppy.

  23. Meredith says

    I think no Saturday mail would be perfectly fine!! I always forget to check on Saturdays anyway!

  24. Meredith says

    My patents are coming to visit for spring break! This is the first time I have lived in a different state from them…

  25. Mary says

    I will spend spring break working, spending time with my hubby and hanging out with Mendo Mayhem Roller Derby Girls

  26. Mary says

    I think the postal service needs to save money but I know that it will delay mail a day now and that is unfortunate.

  27. Alicia Draves says

    I live in a small town, so the fact that they are no longer doing mail on Saturdays has little affect on my life. If it will help the post office stay open and keep jobs, I am all for the loss of one day a week.

  28. Alicia Draves says

    My favorite P&G product is Clinical Secret deodorant. It is the only one that I have found the works even after use for several months.

  29. Alicia Draves says

    I am a college student as well as mom, wife, daycare provider…etc. I am taking Spring Break off from school and my day job. We are taking the kids camping and possibly to the snow.

  30. Michelle f says

    Spring Break? FLORIDA with the kids. Never hurts when your mom has a home there–FREE lodging!

  31. kathy says

    Love Downy, I sad about no Sat. Mail,, besides my mailman loseing a day of work I look forward to getting mail!
    As for spring break, I’ve taken car of my grandaughter for the past 11 years. I think we’ll go Geocashing!

  32. Michelle f says

    Doesn’t bother me one bit that there isn’t mail on Saturday. If I can live without it on Sunday, I can live without on Saturday.

  33. Joyce M. says

    I can deal with no mail on Saturdays. I don’t get too much mail to begin with, just one less day to have to go out to check if I got anything.

  34. Joyce M. says

    I plan to do a whole lot of nothing during spring break. I feel like even when we don’t have plans, things always come up, so we will fill it with whatever comes our way. :)

  35. Danae H says

    No mail on Saturday isn’t a huge deal but it is nice when you know you are expecting a package and have to wait til Monday.

  36. Danae H says

    Our favorite PG product is probably Luvs and Pampers diapers at the moment :) otherwise I like Pantene shampoo.

  37. Danae H says

    Our only set plans for the moment are holding Mommy and Me Music at my house for my Moms group. We may do a day trip to Monterey if nice enough.

  38. Heather R says

    I think it is sad that Saturday mail delivery will be canceled but with what will be saved by doing so, I will learn to live with it.

  39. Missy says

    I’m sad that mail delivery is going away Saturday, more because it’s a mark of how poorly the postal service is doing than not getting mail.

  40. Missy says

    My favorite p&g product would have to be their Secret deodorant, either the outlast or the clinical strength.

  41. debbie j says

    To this day, I love it when I hear the mailman arrive. You never know what might be waiting in that little box for you. I will miss my Saturday mail. Saturdays will be like holidays when the mailbox is empty.

  42. Missy says

    I don’t get a spring break, so no plans for me. If I did get one I’d spend it watching tv and knitting.

  43. Shannon says

    I’d be okay if the USPS only delivered 4 days a week. Most banking transactions are online.

  44. Krystal R. says

    I’m neither upset or happy about the mail not coming on Saturdays.
    Its nice to have that extra day but at the same time I guess a day won’t hurt..

  45. Krystal R. says

    I have so many fav P&G products!
    Covergirl, Herbal Essences, Venus, Tampax, Pampers, Gain… Yeah, a lot.

  46. Krystal R. says

    My plans for spring break are actually to hit the books since I’m going back to school and of course spend time with my family.

  47. Nyla "Marie" says

    No delivery on Saturdays??!! You mean now I will actually get two days of the week with no worries of any court summons being delivered to me? hmmmmm I think I will live!Lol
    Favorite P&G product is Olay… At the awesome age of 98, my grandmother looks half that age and its all because she marinates in Olay! She hasn’t actually told me that but I’m positive that is her secret to the youthful appearance!
    What am I doing for spring break?? Haven’t thought the one out yet since I just found out about the “no postal service Saturday” deal! But I am sure it isn’t going to be hiding! Lol

  48. Jean says

    I’m fine with not Saturday mail delivery. Although I will miss the possibility of getting something fun in the mail on Sat.

  49. Gina H. says

    I’m fine with not getting mail on Sat. but it’s really bad that so many people will lose their jobs.

  50. Martha Waugh says

    I’m bummed that there won’t be Saturday mail anymore. I look forward to getting my samples and freebies in the mail. Now it’s one less day of pleasant surprises at my mailbox.

  51. Martha Waugh says

    I really love all of the Olay products. They keep my skin looking so youthful. And there are always coupons for them :) Charmin is one of our household favorites. Nothing compares to it’s softness.

  52. Martha Waugh says

    We’re having a staycation for spring break. It’s going to be some quiet time fishing and catching up on good books.

  53. GretchenP says

    i’m fine with no mail saturdays although i feel there’s going to be a learning curve with getting things to people by a certain time! thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  54. Sandy N. says

    I don’t mind that there will be no mail days on Sat. It just means Ill get more mail on Mondays. No biggie.

  55. GretchenP says

    i love swiffers! i’ve tried generics and don’t find them to be the same at all.. thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  56. GretchenP says

    nothing planned for spring break besides getting ready for my son’s bday the following weekend! ..oh.. and tearing down my st. patty’s decor and throwing up some easter quick! :) thanks for the giveaway!

  57. Bev Dunigan says

    I’m a little sad about the end of Saturday deliveries, but it’s understandable. Email has really done a number on the postal service.

  58. Bev Dunigan says

    One of my favorite P&G products is Pantene shampoo and conditioner. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE it! I buy it as often as I can.

  59. Bev Dunigan says

    Spring break plans … not quite sure yet. It will be our 33rd wedding anniversary, so hopefully we’ll be able to do something fun!

  60. Cassie Andrews says

    I am sad the postal office will no longer be delivering Saturday mail, but that does save me one day of the week from stepping in my neighbors dog poo. I feel this is going to hit some post office working in the wallet :/

  61. Cassie Andrews says

    My favorite p&g product… well its a toss up! I love tide, I love the smell!! So fresh & always gets the job done. Even after my husband has had a week out in the field and his uniform stinks!! But I also love Venus razors. Love smooth legs, and I have sensitive skin, they never irritate me.

  62. c says

    I have no plans for Spring break. Unless the Army offers an unheard of vacation, then my husband & I have no plans. Hope everyone else does though!!

  63. Stephanie W says

    I think we will survive without mail on Saturdays… they probably should have done this a while ago to save money – but better late than never.

  64. Jess Christoffersen says

    I am sad to know how much USPS is struggling, but if they can stay afloat by moving to 5 days a week, it’s better than completely shutting down!

  65. Jess Christoffersen says

    My fave product is the Swiffer wet mop, makes cleaning up after a toddler a breeze!

  66. Angie says

    I am disappointed about the USPS’s decision…but glad they’re at least keeping the package delivery.

  67. Sherri Pine says

    I’ll be disappointed as Saturday delivery is something I’ve known my entire life. You’d think with the rise in price of stamps over the years, the Postal Service wouldn’t be in as much debt. One less day that I forget to get my mail though….it’s in an enclosed mailbox thankfully.

  68. Sherri Pine says

    I actually buy the Pantene Moisture Renewal at Sams Club, it happens to work really well on my hair!

  69. Sherri Pine says

    I have my 3 kids home during the break, and being a single mom, not dating, I’ll be home most of the time I’m sure!

  70. Melissa Wadkins says

    No mail delivery on Saturdays will take some getting used to, but the USPS has to do anything they can to keep going….what would we do if they had to shut down completely???

  71. Melissa says

    I loved my Swiffer Wet Jet, gave it to the ex-husband when he came back from over seas. Need a new one.

  72. Melissa says

    Our plans for spring break will hopefully include going down and spending some time working on our sailboat getting her ready for the summer….a Swiffer would be handy on the boat.

  73. Melissa says

    One of my favorite P&G products was my Swiffer Wet Jet. Gave it to my ex husband when he came back from overseas…I really need a new one.

  74. Diane Jones says

    It is one way to cut costs that is one way of doing it .

    Tide is my favorite P& G Product

    I plan to spend some time with my grandchildren

  75. Gayla says

    I’m sad about the USPS having to cut out a delivery day. But, as with anything else these days, I’ll survive. 😉

  76. Madeleine says

    1. I’ve been suggesting for years that the USPS eliminate mail delivery on Saturdays in order to cut back on costs. I’m glad they’ve finally made the decision to do so. Perhaps the best benefit is the reduction in air pollution from all the mail delivery vehicles being on the road one less day per week!

  77. Lauren Hutchings says

    Im bummed that mail service will be cancelled, not for myself, but for the possible jobs that might be lost.

  78. Lauren Hutchings says

    My favorite items from P&G are their razors (men &women), I jump all over their coupons for their razors.

  79. Madeleine says

    2. My favorite P&G Product is the Crest Advanced Seal Whitening Strips. They do a great job if getting my teeth brilliantly white, but at a fraction of the cost of professional whitening!

  80. gina says

    I dont mind that they are cancelling service although I imagine on Mondays the mailbox will be FULL of junk mail now!

  81. Ryan says

    I absolutely love P&G’s Pantene volume conditioner for colored hair. I will never use anything else. I also really like my Swiffer:)

  82. mary says

    As far as the mail not being delivered on Saturdays starting in August 2013. I’m fine with it so long as there are no layoffs and the price of shipping and postage stamps are kept at a minimum cost for us consumers.

  83. mary says

    My favorite P & G products are the Olay sensitive skin line they work wonders on my dry and sensitive face.

  84. Heather R says

    I like many of the P&G products but one of my favorites are the swiffer wet cloths, they make just doing a quick clean up of my kitchen floor very easy.

  85. Lakeisha Stevens says

    I’m not sure yet what to think of the Postal Service not delivering on Saturdays??..

  86. Stephanie says

    I’ll miss Saturday mail, but I would much rather sacrifice that then see the USPS go away. Rural towns would definitely suffer were there no USPS around, so lets keep it going!

  87. annie metcalfe says

    I like getting mail – it’s always GREAT to have something in there – so I’m kind of bummed about no Saturday delivery although we never get anything good anyway anymore:)

  88. annie metcalfe says

    Spring break? My kids are too little for school yet and the hubs and I both work full time jobs so we don’t really have spring break.. when is it? haha

  89. Tamara says

    I won’t like that they won’t have mail on saturdays but it sounds like a good business decision on their part.

  90. Stephanie says

    I’m not sure what we’ll be doing over Spring Break, but hopefully it will be warm enough that we can make it to the park at least a couple of times over the week!

  91. says

    What do you think of the Postal Service cancelling mail deliveries on Saturdays?
    I think if that saves them money they should do it. I don’t get much more than junk mail or bills anyway lol

  92. rynnStyle says

    No Saturday deliveries make me sad!!! I look forward to receiving mail especially when I get a note from someone unexpectedly. It will be a tough adjustment.

  93. rynnStyle says

    My husband is a teacher, so he gets a real “spring break” I know he’ll want to spend as much time with our 10.5 month old daughter as possible. I, on the other hand, will be working….

  94. Alexis says

    2.What’s one of your favorite P&G products? LOVE Pantene. It’s inexpensive, smells great and leaves my coarse hair soft.

  95. Ivette says

    I think it’s sad that deliveries are being removed on Saturday, just to show that snail mail is on its way out. :(

  96. Becky Smith says

    I think that if cancelling Saturday deliveries saves over $2 billion….why didn’t they do it sooner!

  97. Becky Smith says

    LOVE pampers for the baby…..and the way Gillette Clinical deodorant makes my hubby smell!

  98. Tricia Gougousis says

    I think it may be inconvenient for some if USPS cancels Sat deliveries but I think the public will survive and if it saves the USPS from going completely under, I’m for it!

  99. Tricia Gougousis says

    My favorite P&G product is Pantene shampoos and conditioners. I love how my hair feels after using Pantene!

  100. Tricia Gougousis says

    Spending Spring Break in Cancun for a well deserved couples only weekend, then back home for a ski week with my sweet boys :-)

  101. says

    My daughter’s best friend who moved away is surprising her with a five day visit over Spring Break! I can’t wait to see her face!!

  102. Desiree says

    1.What do you think of the Postal Service cancelling mail deliveries on Saturdays?
    I think that they should do it on a Monday. I rely on them being open Saturday because I work M-F & cant stand in those lines or I miss work.

  103. Desiree says

    2.What’s one of your favorite P&G products?
    So many to choose from… well lately it has been Glade! The double layered candles… mmmm

  104. Michele says

    Cancelling saturday deliver really doesn’t affect us as we don’t get mail at our home….only PO Box. So I never get down there on weekends anyway :-)

  105. Kisha Cotton says

    im not happy about postal service delivering on Saturdays but what can I do? ill live with it

  106. Michele says

    Unfortunately this year we have absolutely NO PLANS at all! But next year we hope to be on a cruise!

  107. Kisha Cotton says

    I love Gain the most I think! The smell is great and I love it even more when I get great value coupons

  108. kisha cotton says

    I havent even thought about spring break yet! Tryin to get thru the next couple president holidays first

  109. Jamie says

    I am not sure if I agree with the Post Office cutting off Saturday’s. I can see where they are trying to save money… but if they cut out Saturdays I personally think that they should lower the cost of stamps.

  110. Samantha says

    Saturday delivery can be cut by the post office as far as I’m concerned…. but I don’t think they should be able to do that AND raise the price of postage as well.

  111. Samantha says

    I like anything P&G has to offer, but especially free samples! This way I get to try products I don’t know if I like or not before purchasing them!

  112. Samantha says

    Spring break will be spent working and living – same ole thing around here, no special plans.

  113. Dagnes says

    1) Saturday postal service – I’m ok with it. I tend to send my US mail items during the work week, so it doesn’t affect me too much.

  114. Dagnes says

    2) Favorite PG product – There are so many! For Personal Care / Grooming, it would be a tie between Always and Venus razors. For Household Care, it would be a tie between Tide and Vicks’ NyQuil line.

  115. Dagnes says

    3) Spring Break – I’ll be working. No kids, no job related to a school year = work. Enjoy it for me!

  116. Betty Lyle says

    I think it is okay for the postal service to stop deliveries on sat. as long as they continue to deliver packages and stop increasing the cost to ship and mail.

  117. T says

    I’m fine with the USPS cutting costs by eliminating Saturday delivery. My free sample products will just have to wait an extra day to get to me. 😉

  118. Betty Lyle says

    I am excited for spring break, I will be spending it with my daughter who is away at college, and we’ve decided to go to the Grand Canyon.

  119. T says

    For Spring Break, I’ll be going to the beach (south of Santa Cruz) with my family, my parents, and some family friends we’ve spent Easter with for the past 32 years!

  120. Pam says

    I’m ok with eliminating Saturday delivery, but am glad the Post Office will stay open for counter business.

  121. Pam says

    Since my 2 college kids both have the same Spring Break week this year, I’m going to enjoy spending as much time as I can while they are home.

  122. Ronnie B. says

    I love so many P&G products, but my all time favorite is Oil of Olay Moisturizing Lotion. For Spring Break, I am looking forward to not being on a schedule and just relaxing. It is very sad about the Postal Service.

  123. Wendy says

    Canceling Saturday doesn’t directly affect me so I don’t mind. Business is Business.

    This spring break I am making my kids spring clean.
    My favorite P&G product would have to be cascade.

  124. Carolyn says

    I believe we are fortunate to have mail delivery in metro areas. I’ve lived in 2 small communities, one in Alaska and one in Oregon where all mail pickup occurred at the post
    office. I like mail delivery 6 days a week. Far less is there than 10 years ago. Now I receive e-bills, pay bills through my online bank link, use facebook, send e-cards… all of the ways I now communicate detract from the Post Office bottom line – stamps. I am glad to have mail delivery at my home and will become used to mail 5 days a week. I’m sure I’ll grumble for awhile.

  125. mary p says

    spring break? what, are we all still in college?? If I get lucky I might find the time to celebrate easter. if not, whatever…

  126. mary p says

    I like pampers, duracell, and febreezew fabric refresher. I make my own laundry detergent but still buy tide sport with febreeze because it really gets the stink out. (very useful for those my toddler peed the bed moments, old t-shirts, musty stuff, and workout clothes)

  127. mary p says

    bad idea usps. if you’re cutting services that other companies provide, how can you expect to survive? since they’ve already cut on staff how the heck are they going to get all those christmas packages there on time when they also cut the available delivery times? as much as I hate paying more, I think I’d prefer a MODEST price hike over the probable loss of usps altogether. chances are, even after a price hike usps would still be cheaper than other services. if they keep cutting how do they expect to stay in the game?

  128. Lisa S. says

    I don’t mind canceling Saturday Postal Service. I don’t check the mail everyday anyways.

  129. Alicia H. says

    I think it’s sad they are canceling mail on Saturdays. However, if you don’t roll with the times, you lose business. Unfortunately, the USPS has not done this. When businesses lose money – even if they do belong to the money pit of a gov’t – you have to make changes.

  130. alicia H. says

    My favorites P&G product is the Wet Jet. Love it, since 70% of my house is tile! Wish the other 30% was 😉

  131. C.j. says

    I’m kind of sad that mail service will only be five days a week. In my area the post office is usually open until noon on Sat. For those of us that are traditional 9-5ers work-wise The Saturday hours really help. Also, for many older people that don’t know how to use computers many are going to have to mail their bills a couple days earlier since mail won’t be delivered on Saturdays. I guess its a sign of the time unfortunately

  132. C.j. says

    Spring Break doesn’t exist for my work schedule LOL! :) I don’t have any plans any how just work or BBQ if the weather’s nice!

  133. Carolyn says

    Spring Break will be quiet – I’ve no children at home. I will vicariously enjoy posts by my grandchildren where they travel. I enjoy that

  134. Liz Roberts says

    Spring break with two kids in college occurs on different weeks. Double the chance for celebrating.

  135. Renee Vestri says

    Hi all,
    I am bummed that we will not get mail on Saturdays. I always try to things positively so I guess that’s one less day to deliver bills. My favorite P & G product is Duracell batteries, but they are so darn expensive. My plans for Spring Break is Sleep…and lots of it. Lastly, big thanks for all you do for us. Thanks, Renee

  136. CJ says

    I love Duracell batteries. They keep me out of the dark! Of course I also love Downy, Bounce, Tide, Pantene……………………………..

  137. CJ says

    I’m just gonna pretend I must have not got any mail for the day because I am sure I will keep on checking it.

  138. Athena Thomas says

    I don’t think the Post Office cancelling Saturday service will have much impact on most of us as long as they stay open after 5pm so we can get there after work

  139. Athena Thomas says

    No plans for Spring Break, probably will stay home and do some cleaning up around the house. Boooorrriiing

  140. Janet says

    I am not happy that we won’t have Saturday mail but at least they will still deliver packages.

  141. Janet says

    I hope to spend spring break with my grandaughter who plays softball for Snead State and usually has a tournament about that time.

  142. Kim Garroutte says

    I’m glad the government is doing something smart to cut costs. It is a wise choice to still deliver packages.

  143. sonora says

    the post office cancelling saturday delivery has been coming for a while. as in any government run enterprise they are not very efficient with their money so something has to go.

  144. Kim Schwenke says

    I think its great that they’re stopping Sat. Delivery. Saving tons of money and they deserve to have the whole weekend off.

  145. Kim Schwenke says

    I am spending as much time possible with my son during Spring Break,, despite the fact that I am working.

  146. Laura Ramirez says

    I am sad to see mail service end on Saturdays. Sometimes I don’t have time during the week to go to post office and drop off packages so Saturdays were perfect. I guess I will have to make time now.

  147. Melissa Aivaliklis says

    The only part about the mail stopping on Saturdays is the potential jobs lost at the USPS :-(

  148. Melissa Aivaliklis says

    My daughter goes to (and I teach at) a year round school so Spring Break doesn’t exist for us. But loving two 3 day weekends in a row coming up!!

  149. Laura Ramirez says

    My favorite P&G product is Pantene. I love the new Pantene Pro-V Silky Moisture Whip. This stuff is a miracle for my hair. I have very thick frizzy hair and this stuff is the only mousse that will tame it and make it feel so soft and silky. I highly recommend it.

  150. Laura Ramirez says

    My plans for spring break are to organize and clean my house. I always do deep spring cleaning and organizing so that my house looks good. If I have time I might even take a small trip to Universal Studios with the family.

  151. Rhoda says

    Nothing for Spring break. I homeschool so we try to finish before summer so no break this year.

  152. Linda Fernandez says

    Re: Post Office Cancelling Saturday Deliveries: I think it’s a great idea, and about time! They’ll still be delivering packages, which makes good business sense. We usually don’t get much mail on Saturdays, and by keeping regular mail delivery to Monday through Friday, they’ll be saving money and keeping the USPS alive.

  153. Linda Fernandez says

    Favorite P&G Product: “Swiffer”! God bless ’em at P&G for coming out with such a cool, time-saving, wonderful duster product(s)! I won’t use anything else to dust!

    We’ve always faithfully bought P&G products, especially “Dawn” (the BEST), Downy, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (Wow!), and Tide!

  154. Linda Fernandez says

    “Spring Break”: after doing some Spring Cleaning (love my Swiffer dusters!), we hope to catch up and visit with family! Nothing like a fresh, clean house to invite guests to visit in!

  155. Lori S says

    I am sad they are going to 5 days. Since couponing, I love getting the mail. I get coupon trades, samples, things I won on blogs, etc. I get so excited to get the mail.


  156. Heather says

    Closing the post office on Saturday would cause some headaches to single mothers, one car families, and holidays!

  157. Heather says

    Favorite P&G product will probably be bounty. Great for mom in cleaning up, great for kids to help get the job done!

  158. Jennifer says

    I’m going with my son (a high school senior) and his friends and their moms to Charleston!

  159. Christie says

    During Spring break, when I’m not working, I’m looking forward to getting closets and cupboards organized. Any tips?

  160. Maria says

    One of my all time favorite P&G product is Pantene. Can’t leave without the Pantene shampoo and conditioner.

  161. Maria says

    I’m a little sad that the USPS is cancelling Saturday deliveries but I think that should help their company out a little bit. We don’t really receive lots of mail on Saturdays anyway.

  162. Sharon R says

    No spring break plans yet; have to check the calendar to see when it even is! I’m still thinking about planning a valentine’s day party…

  163. Autumn says

    I am so bummed about no Saturday mail!! I look forward to the mail everyday because I love my freebies!

  164. Autumn says

    I don’t have a FAVORITE P&G product because I truly have been pleased with all that I have tried from them!

  165. Autumn says

    I will be working on spring break and my kids are not in school yet….so life continues as normal!

  166. AnnMarie Hofer says

    Not sure what we are doing for Spring Break. When is it? Hang out with the kiddos I suppose and go to the zoo a lot. We got a year membership as a gift :)

  167. AnnMarie Hofer says

    I would have to say my fav PG product is my swiffer. There is nothing else like it and it helps me to quickly make my floors look clean and easy enough for the kids to use.

  168. Samantha says

    I think it’s a bummer they are stopping Saturday deliveries but I understand and it’s one day without the mail. I’m sure soon enough because of email and computers we won’t get much mail anymore. Too bad the government couldn’t have helped the post office out so this didn’t happen. :) it will be okay though!

  169. TriciaJ says

    1. I think that it will be a good thing that the post office is closed Saturdays. There will be less sick calls and you know really we can wait for our bills!

  170. TriciaJ says

    2. I have to say that I really love the Swiffer!! I have 4 kids and a dog and wood floors!! SO NICE and Easy!!

  171. TriciaJ says

    3. As for Spring Break, we are doing day trips! My kids love them and we are blessed to have so many great places to visit within driving distance of our home!!

  172. Samantha says

    We plan on going to Boston MA for spring break with our babies. Bass Pro Shops and the aquarium :)

  173. Dawn Roland says

    I think the postal service is doing the right thing. All of us cut stuff from our budget that we don’t need, use or can live without. Its only right they slim down too.

  174. Dawn Roland says

    My plans are to clean the house, do some fun projects with the kids, get some outside projects done and maybe if I have time get to the movies.

  175. Catherine Masajo says

    I am not getting too excited about the mail be cancelled on Saturdays. For one thing, my husband is a mail man, and it means another day at home for him (like.) My biggest concern is when Monday is a holiday (say Labor Day) and it is 3 days without mail. We will just have to see how it works out.

  176. Catherine Masajo says

    Spring Break? What’s that? Will most likely be working but celebrating the Easter Season with family.

  177. Jon says

    Don’t usually get the mail everyday anyway…so it’s no big deal to me

    Love my Fusion, ProGlide Razors

    I’ll be on a mission trip over spring break with kids from our youth group at church

  178. Tina Weiss says

    During spring break I hope to visit the botanic garden & the zoo, and see some new sights around New Mexico.

  179. Kristen says

    I’m okay with mail not being delivered on Sat., but I think over the holiday rush they should open on Sat. mornings.

  180. Amy Vaught says

    1.I dont mind the USPS stopping Saturday delivery. I dont even check my mail on a daily basis
    2 I love the swifter
    3 so far no plans for spring break…maybe a baseball game

  181. Tamara H. says

    I am okay with the USPS suspending Saturday delivery. So much of what we do now is electronic now, that it isn’t a huge deal for me.

  182. Tamara H. says

    My daughter is still in pre-school and they don’t actually have a spring break…but considering the past 3 weeks of cough & cold…I don’t care if I go anywhere…I just want us all to be well.

  183. Megan says

    I’m sad there won’t be mail on Saturdays anymore! I request a lot of samples and coupons, so I always look forward to getting the mail.

  184. Megan says

    I think my favorite product is the Swiffer WetJet. It’s easy to clean the floors without a whole lot of work.

  185. Megan says

    Right now, I don’t have any real plans for spring break. Probably work on my thesis (blegh).

  186. Sue says

    Didn’t know about the Post Office considering stopping Saturday mail but it’s fine by me. I don’t get that much mail – usually bills or junk.

  187. Stephanie Jones says

    I’m kinda bummed that the Post Office is going to stop Saturday delivery, however I can understand why they are doing it and I hope it helps them out.

  188. Robin Renault says

    I’m OK with the mail not being delivered on Saturday. People are going to complain no matter what. If they raise the price of postage or eliminate a day, no one is happy. I’m just proud and thankful that I live a country where mail is available as much as it is.

  189. Robin Renault says

    Spring break. What’s that? I have a 4 year old and a 16 month old. Spring break doesn’t exist yet in my house. :-)

  190. Rebecca Scott says

    As someone who looks forward to the mail every day, I am very sad about no more mail delivery on Saturday : (

  191. Rebecca Scott says

    I have a 3 year old and two year old twins, so my favorite Proctor and Gamble product right now is Pampers : )

  192. Rebecca Scott says

    We don’t really have Spring Break yet, but we are are meeting my mother in law and sister in law (& her family) at a cabin in North Carolina for a few days, yay!

  193. Libby W says

    Saturday mail service stopping is not bad as long as the Post office is open for those who need to do their buisness on Saturday. It seems to me eventually that would be cut off also

  194. Karen Crabtree says

    We’ll be surprising the kids with a trip to Disneyland! My 35th birthday is that week also, so I’m sure I’ll sneak in some additional fun somewhere 😉

  195. Karen Crabtree says

    I’m not shocked about the cancelling of postal service on Saturdays. Honestly, I see future cuts to the system continuing. We can pay bills online and send Evites and virtual cards. The costs of stamps go up every 5 minutes and the mailman is constantly mis-delivering mail or it’s being stolen right out of the box. UPS and FedEx are much more reliable options. I’m sad for the postal workers that might be losing jobs and having their pay cut but I think the system needs to be revamped a bit in order for it to be saved.

  196. Karen Crabtree says

    Can’t live without fresh breath and clean teeth so I’m going with Crest 3D White as my favorite product :)

  197. Brianne Grant says

    If it means saving them money then by all means! My post lady only delivers the bare minimum on Saturdays anyways!

  198. Brianne Grant says

    My babies will turn 2 and 4 within four days of each other this Spring, trying to plan their birthday bash for while everyone is off school!