Giveaway #5: $50 Old Navy Gift Card + Ebates 3 Hour Friends and Family Sale!

This is it, the final giveaway of the day!   The Ebates Friends and Family sale is in full swing!  It only lasts 3 hours but during this 3 hour event Ebates will be doubling cash back at 100 stores. From beauty products to kids clothing and toys, you won’t want to miss this event! Remember it only lasts 3 hours, it ends at 2pm PST.

To help celebrate this event Ebates has given me a stack of gift cards to giveaway throughout the day today! How fun is that?! This is the second giveaway of the day and it’s for a $50 Old Navy Card!

Bonus Savings for NEW Ebates Members:

Ebates wants you to know that they’ve got a sweet reward for shoppers, how does a $10 gift card sign up bonus sound?

If you’re new to Ebates and you sign up through this link you can choose a $10 gift card for Barnes & Noble, Target, Home Depot, or More than that though you can earn CASH BACK each and every time you shop online through Ebates. So if you’re planning to do any online shopping this year, head on over to Ebates first to see if they’re offering cash back at the store you’re planning to shop at.

Click below to enter the giveaway:

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  1. Ginny Logan says

    I love Ebates. I started my Christmas shopping a few weeks ago and I always check Ebates when making online purchases. No brainer. :)

  2. Diane says

    I have started shopping. I try to shop throughout the year. Our big ticket item that I don’t think you will have any deals on is a doggy :) But, shhhhh, it’s a secret 😉

  3. Julia M. says

    I have done a little bit of Christmas shopping, but still have a ton to do. Baby stuff, as I am pregnant with my second.

  4. Heather R. says

    Joined ebates about 2 weeks ago and they have been great. This would help a lot on my Christmas shopping – I have a teen girl, clothes are ALWAYS on the list :)

  5. Anonymous says

    I just need very specific things. Thank goodness for my sister and brother in law telling me exactly what they want :)

  6. Jennifer Brown says

    Yes I have barely just begun shopping…trying to get items that are clutter free for those on our list.

  7. Nyssa Stack says

    Almost done shopping for the kiddos, just need a little something for the adults in my life. I want that Hello Kitty deal but I already got Hello Kitty watches for my nieces last year. Hmmmm…..

  8. Lerin says

    Sadly I have not started much Christmas shopping…there is so much on the list. I’d like some nice pampering myself tho! 😉

  9. Joyce says

    I haven’t starte my Christmas shopping yet. I want to get my daughter a nursery for her dolls, some clothes,etc.

  10. Susanna Burke says

    Yes, I started picking up deals a couple of months ago. Money is VERY tight this year so I am trying to get 1-3 gifts each week so that it works into the budget better. Still need to get several things, though- Skylanders Giants, crayola airbrush marker set, and more!

  11. Anouk S says

    I’m pretty much done with Christmas shopping – just trying to figure out what to get for my husband now. Lots of books and educational toys on the list this year for nieces/nephew and daughter

  12. angie says

    Christmas shopping is almost done at my house, but some savings on the last few things on the list is always nice!

  13. Courtney says

    I’m almost 8 months pregnant and will be shopping for baby clothes since we have nothing at the moment. That will be the main Christmas shopping this year.

  14. Katherine says

    Haven’t started but our 7 year old daughter is newly into American Girl Dolls, so I imagine that will be top of her list!

  15. Maria T. says

    I have not started shopping yet. My daughters both want Nexus 7 tablets and my husband and I are considering a new memory foam mattress.

  16. Terry says

    Started shopping when I found good sales. Looking for some of the new dvds to be good prices for the holidays like “Brave” and “The Avengers.”

  17. Mary Helen says

    I have not started shopping yet, but plan to do so soon. One thing on my list is a toddler basketball goal for my son :)

  18. Sharon R says

    Yes, I started and found a few candy and snack items for my friends and my parents. Still have to get some toys for my son and dvd’s, books and video games for him. I’m going out shopping today because I spotted some good sales.

  19. Lauryn Fordham says

    Started Christmas shopping about a month ago. Became inspired by the deals on and started shopping away!

  20. annie metcalfe says

    need to get a real head start to avoid shopping during peak times… hoping to get finished within 2 weeks if I can

  21. Stephanie W. says

    I have started my Christmas shopping, I plan on making as many gifts as I can this year so I have alot of craft supplies on my list

  22. Adrianna says

    I got the list, but it will wait until Black Friday (for the first time ever!!) I have gone out, but never to seriously shop for Christmas. I am a little nervous!

  23. Sara Z says

    I shop all year long. I just bought my daughter a Razor lil kick scooter for $16 at Kohls with my coupons and Kohls cash!

  24. Jarica says

    I have started shopping. I’m waiting for my boys because they change their minds too often. I’m sure it will be Transformers and Spider-man though!

  25. Lisa M. says

    I started Christmas shopping a couple months ago. I try to shop throughout the year to spread out the cost. I am also making a lot of gifts this year and I’ve already got a few done.

  26. Jessica says

    I usually just make calenders/mugs from vista print for the grandma’s and aunties. They are always a hug hit!

  27. Beth Molaro says

    I bought myself a gift from my husband. I also bought dollhouse people for my 2 year old granddaughter….so far to go and so little time!

  28. Melissa Sanchez Robinson says

    We are almost done with our shopping, only a few more things. We definitely need a new camera. :)

  29. Danielle says

    I have started a little. Mostly for my daughter since I work at a jewelery store and they sell tons of Hello Kitty stuff!! I get a GREAT discount so I can get a ton of stuff for her! Other than that..I am getting a late start since money is tight and I do not know when I will have extra to try to get them anything.


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