Giveaway: $25 Grocery Outlet Gift Card (2 Winners!)

Well Grocery Outlet is stepping up to the plate with a few new features.  They’re pretty fancy if you ask me!  You can now download the Grocery Outlet Coupons (just find your specific store first) and print them before you head to the store. Yes you read that right – Grocery Outlet has coupons!  They do not accept manufacturer’s coupons but they have heard from us and have been releasing their own coupons!  Head on over here to print the latest batch of coupons.

You can also head on over here to check out the current ad on Facebook.  With this new Facebook ad feature you’ll be able to create a shopping list directly from the ad. If you have a mobile phone, they’ve also made their site mobile friendly and you can also create a shopping list right on your phone as well!

Now for the giveaway, I’m always honored to be able to work with Grocery Outlet.  I’ve shared extensively in the past about how much I love the company from the top down and inside out.  Here are The Frugal Find we’ve been working with them almost since day 1 (almost 3 years now!) hosting a monthly gift card giveaway.  Today I’ve got another one for you!

Two Frugal Find readers will each win a $25 Grocery Outlet Gift Card to use at their local store! Click below and enter for a chance to win!

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  1. Tanya says

    I love saving money shopping here!! Just the other day I found fantastic Meal Starters for $1.99. At Safeway, they were $8.49!!

  2. Sandy Nevels says

    Tyson Pork Sirloin Filet – marked price was $5.XX – a in store $2 off coup + a $1 off peelie = Around $2 for some yummy pork perfect for grilling, crockpott’n – whatever. So yes, I got a bunch of them. There was a limit of 3 per day so I came back the next day to get more. :)

  3. says

    I’ve never been! The closest Grocery Outlet is 45 minutes away, but I’m beginning to think that, with Safeway’s outrageous prices here in town, it would be well worth the trip- especially with a $25 gift card!

  4. Debbie Kurson says

    We got Cracker Barrel cheese for .77 a while back. We stocked up on it. Also got the 4 pack of tamale for .99- they are really great- have them in the freezer- they make great, quick lunches.
    We find deals every time we are there, and that is at least once a week. Last week it was .69 for hot dogs and that was their sale price, not their WOW (clearance) price.

  5. wendy says

    i love g.o.! i love to find snacky items that i would normally pay too much in the grocery stores for. they’re a good excuse to try new things at a great price.

  6. KAS says

    Now that I know I can get their ad and coupons online I’ll have to start planning trips to the GO. I havent really exploed them yet because of the unknown, I like to have a plan before I go shopping.

  7. Sarah says

    I love getting fresh produce at Grocery Outlet. I’ve got 4lbs strawberry for $3.99, 5 corns for $.99, and melon for .99. They’re fresher then 99cents and more variety to choice from. I love Grocery Outlet!

  8. Leng L says

    My best find this year is strawberries at 99ct a lb at grocery outlet. Got the same thing at safeway, and those from grocery outlet stayed fresher longer!

  9. Heather P says

    I love Grocery Outlet’s cheese selection and am always thrilled to find great quality vegetables and fruits. They also have a lot of organic and health food products at the one that I shop at.

  10. megan says

    My most recent purchase at grocery outlet was a roll of mozzarella cheese wrapped in procciutto. My husband and I had it with crackers and wine. Speaking of….sometimes you can find a tasty bottle of wine there. We found a zinfandel port that was off the hook :-) Love, love grocery outlet!

  11. Maria T. says

    I find so many great deals at GO every week that it is hard to choose. I think my recent favorite find were huge cans of dolmas for $1.29. Either that, or the Odwalla Protein Monster shakes for a quarter each.

  12. Julie says

    I went to my GO yesterday and found a HUGE jar of apple sauce for 1.99!! Also found a 16 pk of GoGurts for 1.99!! And it had two box tops on it, score! :)

  13. Linda Middendorf says

    small boxes of tomato sauce – 6 for $1.00. Bought a flat of them! They are the perfect size for many recipes.

  14. Lisa says

    I have six-month-old twins and no time to coupon now! Grocery Outlet has been my saving grace for a way to stay in our grocery budget! And we eat good too!!

  15. Dot says

    Best deal was last summer’s Skippy peanut butter for $.99! Favorite deal is New Zealand butter, $1.99 for 8oz., best butter in the world and worth the price!

  16. Sue says

    I’ve only been there a handful of times because it is out of my way and in a scary location…I like to get fun lunch snacks for my boys and always find great deals!

  17. Katy Endriss says

    I find so many good deals on a regular basis – but by far one of the best deals was lunchmeat for .50 – stuck that stuff in the freezer and was stocked up for about 3 months! I also like to find lunch snacks and produce there. I usually shop GO first, then go to a supermarket just for the items I couldn’t find.

  18. Susie says

    I found Ice Cream Cups and Chocolate sauce that I was able to use as a raffle prize for just $4.95. Great deal~paired it with some Ice Cream Certificates and it was a great prize!

  19. Susie Tribble via Facebook says

    Getting excited that the “new” (location) Vacaville Grocery Outlet will be opening soon!! Cant wait to go check it out and shop. The Grand Opening is September 22nd.

  20. Susie Tribble via Facebook says

    Getting excited that the “new” (location) Vacaville Grocery Outlet will be opening soon!! Cant wait to go check it out and shop. The Grand Opening is September 22nd.

  21. Andrea says

    I have gotten so many amazing deals at GO, I can’t even begin to narrow it down…lately I found a bag of carrot cake granola that was delicious, that I had been pining over at Whole Foods. WF price: $5.99 so I didn’t buy it…found it at GO for $2.49!

  22. Lori Thomas says

    I made this maple syrup pork loin for dinner…needed Maple Syrup without breaking the wallet…several dollars off regular store sale price :)

  23. Rebecca says

    Grocery Outlet is one of my favorite places to go if I am felling burnt out on using coupons. I can stop and grab a couple things and still know I am getting an awesome deal. I wish they would get Starbucks Via Iced Coffee back in!!!!

  24. jaimee says

    kettle chip blue tortilla chips that were chili lime flavor for $0.99. I kept buying them & going through them so quickly-they were delicious!

  25. Marilyn says

    I have never actually shopped at Grocery Outlet because there isn’t one in my hometown, but my daughter recently moved to Seattle so I am looking forward to checking it out when I am there. I love to visit towns while on vacation and try different grocery stores that I read about on blogs — probably a crazy thing to do on vacation but the frugal shopper within loves to check them out!

  26. Mandy K says

    the latest and greatest deal at grocery outlet was Weight Watchers Parmesan Peppercorn cheese wedges (like the laughing cow one) for 50 CENTS!!! I only bought two to experiment with, and they are delicious!

  27. Hannah says

    Are there more recent coupons? I visited the site link you have at the bottom of the first paragraph and the coupons all expired in August.

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