Giveaway #2: $50 Target eGift Card + Ebates 3 Hour Friends and Family Sale!

Here we go again, here is the 2nd giveaway of the day! In just 1 hour (at 11am PST) the Ebates Friends and Family sale will be live!   It only lasts 3 hours but during this 3 hour event Ebates will be doubling cash back at 100 stores. From beauty products to kids clothing and toys, you won’t want to miss this event! Remember it only lasts 3 hours, it ends at 2pm PST.

To help celebrate this event Ebates has given me a stack of gift cards to giveaway throughout the day today! How fun is that?! This is the second giveaway of the day and it’s for a $50 Target eGift Card!

Bonus Savings for NEW Ebates Members:

Ebates wants you to know that they’ve got a sweet reward for shoppers, how does a $10 gift card sign up bonus sound?

If you’re new to Ebates and you sign up through this link you can choose a $10 gift card for Barnes & Noble, Target, Home Depot, or More than that though you can earn CASH BACK each and everytime you shop online through Ebates. So if you’re planning to do any online shopping this year, head on over to Ebates first to see if they’re offering cash back at the store you’re planning to shop at.

Click below to enter the giveaway:

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  1. Jennifer Brown says

    I’d like to find an XBox system on a super sale…I cannot afford the prices that I’m seeing right now.

  2. Carissa says

    Yes I have started, but not nearly as far as I want to be. I am looking for a ebook reader for my niece, and a deal on Roku

  3. Kelly D says

    I have not started shopping, PJ’s for the family, Keurig Kcups, Legos and Barbies are on my families’ list.

  4. Jiggy says

    My husband and I “gift” each other a vacation. We’ll be headed to Zurich this year! The gift covers all the major events for the year (our birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, christmas etc).

  5. Stephanie W. says

    I just started my christmas shopping, still on my list is some thing for my mother in law! Still don’t know what to get her!

  6. Ashley Fitzgerald says

    I’ve started successfully shopping! Hoping to squeeze in a bit every week and beat the rush of people. :)

  7. Dawn R says

    I have started. I got some clothes and a couple of DS games. I’m looking for gymnastics stuff for my older daughter and soccer stuff for my youngest. Girls stuff for both.

  8. wendy says

    i have three items purchased so far. but i would love to get it all done, sooner instead of later! then, i can feel better about picking up the things that i see that i want…. 😉

  9. Katy says

    Need a Nintendo DS for our little guy, not sure what my husband and I will be giving each other… also need to pick a homemade gift for our families – done pancake breakfast fixin’s, homemade candies, not sure what this year, though!

  10. Lynsey says

    Kinda started my Christmas shopping. Having to be more frugal this holiday season. Only really buy if an item is on sale or if there is an incentive. Would love to make an electronic purchase this year.

  11. Danielle says

    I’ve already purchased one item and am planning on a few others- I am waiting for my gift cards to arrive from “My Points” . I am trying hard to not go overboard (tight budget makes that easier) but I just LOVE to gift.

  12. Anouk S says

    I’m pretty much done with Christmas shopping . . . except for my husband and I’m not sure what I’m getting him yet.

  13. Marina says

    No I haven’t started, i’m waiting for black Friday! I’m hoping to get another TV, leappad 2, and maybe another laptop depending in how good deals are this year.

    • Shannon says

      my dad’s a golf lover… i am getting him personalized golf balls from… you put pictures on them.. i think my dad will love them!

    • Shannon says

      you may have seen already.. but walmart has one for $35 thur. i think 8p… its in their black friday that was posted yesterday. thats one of the gifts i’m getting my niece :)

  14. HaydenRossi says

    Yes, I have started. I’ve picked up bargains here and there throughout the year. I would love to get some books that are on my wish list for Christmas.

  15. Amanda McFadden says

    Lots of stuff on that list, but thanks to the awesome deal at the Disney Store, I was able to get two personalized blankets and knock off two items from my list.

  16. Shannon says

    I am going to get a lot of personalized giftws… and photo gifts this year..something worthwhile to my friends and family :)

  17. Denise Wilson says

    I have started. I still have some homemade things to make.
    I would like to buy some clothing items for me, so gift cards are on my list. I need boots, too!

  18. Renee says

    I have yet to start- probably on Black Friday. I would be happy with a few hors to myself without the kids to just relax and maybe do some reading :)

  19. Sarah W. says

    I’m running out of answers LOL. I am gonna get a special friend a really awesome gift. Trying to figure out how to make it work though, he’ll love it!

  20. Kaylee L says

    I haven’t started yet. I planned to buy kids stuff for my friend, some nice clothing for mom and maybe some cosmetic for my sisters! 😉

  21. MaryBeth says

    I started when Bath & Body Works had their big sale sometime this summer, since that is what we always get my pre-teen stepsisters. Just a few more things to get.

  22. Stephanie Grant says

    I have not yet started shopping for the holidays, which usually by this time I’m just about done :(! The main items on my list this year is for my son and it’s just about everything TMNT and Lego Ninjago :)

  23. Julie Gonsalves says

    I’ve only just started thinking about Christmas shopping, but I did get my kids their Christmas pj’s because last year, I waited too long and they were sold out

  24. Marica says

    I have started Christmas shopping for quite a few people on my list. I’ve gotten my husband some dvd’s and fishing shirts and I’ve gotten my twin nieces some jackets and footie pajamas!

  25. Joyce M says

    I have a list but haven’t started shopping. Hubby has started shopping though because we’ve been getting packages in the mail. :)

  26. Robyn Galloway says

    I haven’t bought a single thing yet, been preoccupied with having a baby! Definitely going to get my son a train table!

  27. Lyndi A says

    I’ve started – I’ve got 7 kids to shop for. My girls are in love with the new Disney Fairies TInkerbell movie so we’re going to start looking for toys in that line.

  28. Kelly A. says

    I have started my shopping, but still have a ways to go. I am taking advantage of coupon deals and online deals for my shopping.

  29. Libby W says

    Yes I have bought slippers with my JC Penney $10 coupon when you spend $10 coupon, I do wnat to buy my hubby a new tv

  30. Nichole Perlatti says

    I have not started shopping yet. Looking for stuff for 4 kids, not exactly sure what yet with such a small budget lol

  31. Kimberly says

    We shop from the Compassion International catalog and “buy” our presents from there way in advance. Then no stress of wrapping gifts or obsessing about the superficiality part of Christmas. I love it!

  32. Christina says

    I have started and I am almost finished! My son really wants an air hog and my oldest daughter really wants an ipod touch – hoping to find a great deal on those things. I’d love a new camera (DSLR) but thats not going to happen lol.

  33. Sue H says

    No I have not started and I dont know yet how I am going to make things work yet this year but I am sure with some good sales, coupons and ebates I will pull it off. Thanks frugal find.

  34. Stacey Pharris says

    Yes, I started several weeks ago. I’m looking for deals on Crayola Glow, Angry Birds and an air compressor.

  35. Josh K says

    With a couple of birthdays and Christmas in the month of December, this is always our busiest shopping season of the year. We are about halfway done, and still unsure about what we are buying for the other half, we’ll let the deals tell us what that is though.

  36. Basha says

    I haven’t started on my holiday shopping. My niece wants a pair or princess shoes so those are definitely on my list.

  37. katherine says

    Haven’t started but our 7 year old daughter is newly into American Girl Dolls, so I imagine that will be top of her list!

  38. Maria T. says

    I have not started shopping yet. My daughters both want Nexus 7 tablets and my husband and I are considering a new memory foam mattress.

  39. Mary Helen says

    I have not started shopping yet, but I plan to do so soon! One thing on my list is a toddler basketball goal for my son :)

  40. Antares says

    I have a plastic bin that I collect items throughout the year for kids/adults on my list, time to go through it and see what else I need to get!

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