Giveaway #1: $50 Amazon Gift Card + Ebates 3 Hour Friends and Family Sale!

Well good morning! We hope you’re enjoying the new look of The Frugal Find. Today is going to be a very fun day with giveaways going live ALL day long! We have a great sponsor for today’s event, welcome Ebates to the party! Starting today at 11:59am PST eBates will be hosting their annual Friends and Family sale, it only lasts 3 hours but during this 3 hour event Ebates will be doubling cash back at 100 stores. From beauty products to kids clothing and toys, you won’t want to miss this.

To help kick off this event ebates has given me a stack of gift cards to giveaway throughout the day today! How fun is that?! So let’s get this party started with a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

How to use Ebates:

For example if you plan to shop at Lands End online, you’d first log in to your Ebates account then search for Lands End. They will have a special cash back percentage offer listed and from there you’d click over to Lands End and shop as you normally would. Within a few days you’ll get an email from Ebates letting you know how much cash back you earned. It will accrue in your account for 90 days they they’ll send you a check in the mail, it’s THAT simple!

On top of that, right now Ebates wants you to know that they’ve got a sweet reward for new shoppers. How does a $10 gift card sign up bonus sound?

Bonus Savings for NEW Ebates Members:

Ebates wants you to know that they’ve got a sweet reward for shoppers, how does a $10 gift card sign up bonus sound?

If you’re new to Ebates and you sign up through this link you can choose a $10 gift card for Barnes & Noble, Target, Home Depot, or More than that though you can earn CASH BACK each and everytime you shop online through Ebates. So if you’re planning to do any online shopping this year, head on over to Ebates first to see if they’re offering cash back at the store you’re planning to shop at.

Enter the giveaway:

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  1. annie metcalfe says

    I have started during some sales and am now online getting my kids disney stuff because they are obsessed.
    I also want a double sided easel for them:)

  2. Laura Gordon says

    Yes! With 4 boys to shop for, ranging in ages from 4-19, for sure! I am looking for a Leap Pad 2 deal and an Ihome docking station with a built in alarm clock!

  3. HC reich says

    I have not started yet, but do have a few ideas… Shopping for a teen, preteen and toddler so looking for a wide variety!

  4. Noelle says

    Yes, I’ve started Christmas shopping already! Looking for 2 Leap pads 2, iphone 5, lalaloopsy dolls, razor scooters. THANKS TFF! Love the new look too!

  5. Nyssa Stack says

    I have three kiddos and I am excited to say that all I have left to buy for them is stocking stuffers!! Woo-hoo! I have been collecting all year. I need about 10 more gifts for family and friends but I hope to be finished before December. I need a lot of gift cards.

  6. Rachel G says

    I have started mentally planning but no actual Christmas shopping yet. We are most likely getting our 4 month old son a new car seat as he has about out grown his infant one. And for my husband, Giants World Series DVDs and the new batman trilogy.

  7. Katy says

    This year, I’ve started doing things a little differently – I buy most things from, and since gift cards at Safeway frequently generate 4x the gas rewards (like right now!), I’ve taken to buying a $25 gift card from there every other Friday on payday. I buy a $50 gift card whenever we have a little extra wiggle room. We’ll be getting our son a DS this year for Christmas, and so spreading it out this way helps soften the blow. Plus, I’m saving money on gas, too!

  8. says

    We are really bare bones around here for Christmas shopping. Our kids only get one present from us if that because they are so spoiled by everyone else!!!

  9. jayne says

    Have you already started Christmas shopping? What is on your shopping list?
    I have already started shopping and stashing them–good deals come throughout the year.

  10. Dani says

    This year, I’m trying to wait until after Thanksgiving to shop. I usually start in September and then end up spending too much money.

  11. ana says

    I have not started yet, but think its gonna pretty easy but not cheap. My four kids each picked one big item so four gifts and I’m done. Tablet, xbox, iphone, laptop

  12. Lilit says

    I started getting things as I see good deals popping up but I still have a lot to get done. This $50 gift card could go a long way :)

  13. Lisa says

    This new website layout looks great! Easier to read for sure.
    I’ve started my Christmas shopping! I feel so good about it this year! I’m on a roll!!

  14. MaryBeth says

    I have already started shopping. I still need a Kindle cover, a Washington Redskins golf club cover, something for a 7 year old boy, and something for my mom.

  15. Ellen C. says

    I’ve started on the kids already, but yet to shop for the adults. I’m thinking about keeping it simple with baked goodies and candy.

  16. Sarah W. says

    I have got a few things. Still looking for a few perfect things for some close friends. Family is generally pretty easy to shop for :)

  17. Ayla E says

    I have not started shopping yet! Between getting married and moving 3 times on the last 6 months I just haven’t had time! I can’t wait to start though!

  18. Kathy says

    I love Ebates. I have used it many times in the past. Already started shopping. I tend to pickup things throughout the year if I see a great deal.

  19. Cara Pickering says

    I have been asking my kids what they want, and my daughter has circled a million things in the Walmart toy book. Shopping we begin soon!

  20. Jenn Vaughn says

    I have not given Christmas shopping any thought yet, but there will probably be a pair of boys roller skates on the list.

  21. Terry King says

    Yep, I buy things when I see a good deal on something I know someone in my family will like and stash it till Christmas. On my shopping list………..I sell Avon and they have some great gift items this year so that’s what alot of my friends and family will be getting :)

  22. Keri says

    I have been Christmas shopping all year. If I find a great deal on an item that I want to purchase for my husband and kids, then I buy it. I was able to buy $400 worth of Lego sets for $150 this way. I want to buy a hunting gun for my husband. It would make my Christmas to be able to get him a fantastic gift this year.

  23. Susie says

    Christmas shopping is mostly done so I can sit back and relax listening to Christmas music and sipping Hot Chocolate! I find so many great/neat deals her on TFF! Thanks Julia….you make my life easy!

  24. KAS says

    Got a few things, was planning on doing most of my shopping on black Friday or cyber Monday since I missed Chrstmas shopping in July but with my husbands job loss we’ll be rethinking our plans. Signing up for ebates and getting $10 sounds great!

  25. Adrianna says

    I have been using Ebates for about a year and a half. I haven’t started but know exactly what I have to get. I am waiting for Black Friday, as my items are almost half off on BF and GUARANTEED in stock for one hour at Walmart… Rain Checks, people, RAIN CHECKS for BF items. OH YEAH!

  26. Ashley Fitzgerald says

    I have started Christmas shopping! I would say I’m over half way through the list. The people I still have to shop for are the kiddos (nieces, nephews, cousins) in my life!

  27. Jennifer Brown says

    I’ve just begun shopping…… still in the very early stages, just basically gotten gifts so far that were free :)

  28. Rebecca M says

    My kids are pretty much done because my husband and I got almost everything during that crazy clearance toy sale at Target back in July. The only people I have left are my parents and the in-laws and I always have such a hard time trying to think of something for them- they already have everything!!

  29. Katherine says

    i haven’t started shopping yet! I know my daughter wants a remote controlled puppy as I am allergic to the real thing, so it is the closest she can come to a dog!

  30. Kelly D says

    I have not started shopping, PJ’s for the family, Keurig Kcups, Legos and Barbies are on my families’ list.

  31. Stephanie W. says

    I just started my christmas shopping last week, I have to alot of gifts to go! On my list is alot craft supplies (fabric, yarn etc) I hope to be able to make alot of gifts this year!

  32. Amy Orvin says

    Yes, I have started. My brother is getting cologne and some AXE products, My mom is getting perfume and some wrinkle creams, my dogs are getting a skunk craZy critter and stocking of little toys and treats and my cats are getting more catnip, toys and treats.

  33. Felicia Ramirez says

    Yes, we started Christmas shopping in January of this year. If we find something amazing or simply want to be a blessing, we snag it – jot it on the list and place in the green storage tub marked Christmas.

  34. Lynsey says

    Partly started my Christmas shopping. Looking for great deals, sales and incentives. Need to be more frugal this holiday season. Would love to buy a tablet for Christmas.

  35. HaydenRossi says

    I have definitely started–we have some family coming to visit for Thanksgiving that we won’t see at Christmastime, so I want to send their presents back with them. :-) As for me–books and useful things are on my list.

  36. Renee says

    I have yet to start, although this year we will be keeping store bought presents to a minimum- a few for the kids. We plan on making a bunch of presents for friends and family :)

  37. Amanda McFadden says

    Since both my sons have birthday in early December, it is one big gift buying season for us. Our list is super long!

  38. Glenna werner says

    I have started shopping for the extended family’s children. Am hoping to find a good deal on a kitchen for my girls. Still have no idea what to getting husband or in-laws

  39. Carly P says

    Almost done Christmas shopping done, and before my Christmas club check has even arrived, so that will go toward something else fun!

  40. Kaylee L says

    Haven’t started shopping yet. I will need to get some kids stuff, clothing and cosmetic as gifts. I am running out of ideas of what to gift…

  41. JulieGagne says

    I have started! Used the Papercoterie sale a while back and ordered my mom a calendar!
    I think warm clothes is on the list for this year!

  42. Marica Vlahos says

    I have started Christmas shopping for quite a few people on my list. I’ve gotten my husband some dvd’s and fishing shirts and I’ve gotten my twin nieces some jackets and footie pajamas!

  43. Robyn Galloway says

    I haven’t bought a single thing yet, i’m having a baby any day now, so ive been kind of preoccupied!

  44. Lerin says

    I’ve started a Christmas list for the kiddos but haven’t done any real shopping yet. I’m trying to match up sales and coupons and find the best bang for my buck! Thanks for a chance to win! 😉

  45. Libby W says

    I have bought one item with my JC Penney $10 when you buy $10 coupon. The traditional slippers I buy my son. I have no ideas yet what I am buying except those traditional items we always get.

  46. Amanda says

    I would love to win this. I’m super grateful for unemployment but it’s not enough for any extras. This would help Santa for sure!

  47. Dina says

    I haven’t started yet. I don’t have children and am really trying to figure out meaningful gifts for my friends and family.

  48. June L says

    I haven’t got to go shopping yet because of hard times but I plan to shop for my husband, mom, and two little brothers.

  49. Katherine says

    Haven’t started but our 7 year old daughter is newly into American Girl Dolls, so I imagine that will be top of her list!

  50. Maria T. says

    I have not really even thought about holiday shopping yet. We had vehicle, medical, and dental expenses that have taken priority recently.

  51. Sharon R says

    Yes, already started but still quite a bit on my list. I found some cute things for my son but he has a big list which I have to narrow down. Mainly video games and toys. I have to find something for my brother – he is a hard one to shop for too! MAcy’s has a sale today so I might stop by there later.

  52. Nathalie says

    I haven’t started shopping yet, and I’m still trying to decide what I want to get the people on my list. . .

  53. Jana H. says

    I haven’t started yet, but we have really cut back on Christmas gifts the last couple of years which really helps the budget. I usually get most of my shopping done on Black Friday.

  54. says

    I tend to do most my shopping on amazon, for Christmas. Not this year, as we won’t have the funds soon enough to order online. I’m forced into stores, this year.

  55. Aimee says

    I really haven’t started shopping yet for family. I did however pick up a bunch of games at the toys r us sale to donate. Need to start my list.

  56. Jamie Brigham says

    No I haven’t started and I am getting my son every Dora DVD I can find.. we have 7 of them. He is a Dora fanatic.

  57. Stephanie Hirsch says

    I’ve done a little tiny bit of shopping, but we took our kids to Disney World for summer vacation so this year there won’t be too much under the tree, lol.

  58. Amanda says

    I actually started Xmas shopping over the summer. When I would see a good deal in a toy, I would purchase it. When it comes to clothing for my nieces, I will purchase in late November so they can exchange sizes if needed


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