Get your Hostess Twinkies at Grocery Outlet!

Twinkies at Grocery Outlet

Yes you read that right, your local Grocery Outlet may have Hostess Twinkies in stock!  Grocery Outlet has made an exclusive buy on recently discontinued Hostess products. Favorites such as Twinkies, Cupcakes, Mini Muffins and Zingers are now available for a limited time in many Grocery Outlet stores. Quantities are limited and once they’re gone, they’re gone so hurry in now!

Don’t eat Twinkies?  Buy them and sell them on Ebay – am I kidding?  Maybe, but maybe not…it seems that they’re selling for thousands on Ebay :)


  1. Shannon says

    Santa Rosa location said they haven’t had any Hostess since Hostess went out of business. When I told her Concord had a shipment she said that that means they might get some too and to check back.
    Rohnert Park location posted it to their FB page and this evening had no twinkies left, a few boxes of chocolate zingers, 3 boxes of yellow cake with choc frosting cupcakes, lots of boxes of mini muffins, donuts, strawberry 100cal cupcakes, and a cinnamon roll thing I wasn’t familiar with. All 1.99 NO LIMIT.

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