Frugal DIY: Homemade Dryer Sheets

Homemade-Dryer-Sheets 2

After making my own laundry detergent and fabric softener at home, I was on a quest for homemade dryer sheets. I was thinking  it was impossible, then I started researching. I tried a couple of different methods, but this seems to work best.

Items needed:

  1. Fabric (of any kind) – I used washcloths, cut into fourths
  2. Fabric Softener – homemade or store bought
  3. Water
  4. Container for storage


Put the fabric pieces into your desired container.  I put these in first, so that I don’t overflow the container. Then I fill the container with ¾ fabric softener and ¼ water. Then stir or shake it up depending on your type of container.

When you are ready to dry a load of laundry, just grab a square, wring it out, and throw it in the dryer. When the load is dry, just toss the square back into the container. No need to wash them.

I use store bought fabric softener for this because I like the smell better than my homemade version. The bonus is that I cut the amount with the water and I squeeze the excess back into the container, so I actually use very little for each load. I used to use 2 dryer sheets in every load to get a stronger scent, so 1 bottle of liquid fabric softener for this DIY method lasts much longer than 1 box of dryer sheets.


  1. Amelia says

    If you search “felted wool dryer balls” you can find several article on this topic. The felted wool balls are another alternative to dryer sheets and they also claim to speed drying time. I confess I haven’t made them myself but they are on my meaning-to-get-around-to-it list!

  2. Andrea says

    I do the same thing but with sponges and I use a TON more water! My ratio is probably opposite of yours and my clothes still smell great!

  3. Yvonne says

    I also saw another way letting a rag soak , then let it hang dry for 3 days to be completely dry and good for 40 uses or so.. Has anyone tried that way want to know which method is better

    • leslie says

      I tried this 2 weeks ago. the first load smelt great…. then the smell faded and faded. after bout 15 loads there was no smell. I definetly would not do that recipe again. let it dry for 3 or more days… just for it to last me a week in the dryer

  4. says

    Why not keep the stack of washcloths near the dryer, dampen with water and then put a dab of fabric softener on it before putting in dryer? Would keep scent fresh and you don’t risk contaminating the solution when you wring the cloth out into it?

  5. terri says

    I have done this… just took a washcloth, put a small dribble of fabric softener on it, and threw it in the dryer… works great!


  1. […] Now for the dryer sheets, I purchased a package of regular washcloths (didn’t cut them into fourths like the original post) and filled up a plastic container (with a lid).  The idea for this came from The Frugal Find. […]

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