From Our Pantry: Mini Gingerbread Men Pizzas with Trader Joe's Dough

We’re hosting a group of 5th and 6th graders tonight for the main course of a progressive dinner (they travel from house to house for various portions of the meal).  I’m making mini gingerbread men pizzas, I went ahead an pre-baked the little guys so all the kids have to do is decorate them and then stick them in for a quick bake.  I also lathered them in a bit of olive oil and garlic powder before I stuck them in the oven.

I just thought I’d share this super cute idea with you.  I bought the ready made dough at Trader Joes for $1.29 and I was able to get 6 mini gingerbread men pizzas (approx. 6-7″) out of each batch.  Oh I also bought the mini pepperonis so they fit! They carry whole wheat and garlic dough as well.

Just thought you mike like this frugal and festive menu idea to share with your little ones, enjoy!



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