FREE Redbox Game Rental Code

UPDATED UPDATE: We’re getting mixed reviews. Some people are only able to get a game, and some have gotten $2 off movie rentals. YMMV.

UPDATE:This code gives you $2 off – you can get $2 off 2 rentals, a free rental, or a free game rental.

FREE movie night!  You can get a FREE Redbox rental code when you text PANDORA to 727-272, the code will come back via email and it will be valid for a FREE one-time rental through 1/8/13.

Thanks, Free Stuff Times!


  1. Stephanie says

    I got one as did my husband. They both say for a free movie rental but when we tried to use them, they both said it was for a game only. This seems to be a pot-luck type of code, lol. :-/


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