FREE Purex Sample or $2/1 Purex Coupon (Possibly FREE at Walgreens)

Thanks to reader Laura for sharing this new sample/coupon on the TFF Facebook wall today.  Head on over here to sign up for a free sample of Purex laundry detgergent or a $2/1 Purex Coupon (with Zout).

Purex laundry detergent is on sale this week for $1.99 at Walgreens, if you can find a bottle with Zout – you’ll get it FREE!


  1. Denise Sautter-Anderson via Facebook says

    I hope someone else can use this, it is a great deal, but we just found out we are really allergic to it. :(

  2. Denise Sautter-Anderson via Facebook says

    I hope someone else can use this, it is a great deal, but we just found out we are really allergic to it. :(

  3. says

    I was at walgreen’s this morning and used my $1 off coupons to get them for .99 each..I don’t recall that they had any of the Zout formula at mine. They had regular, hypoallergenic and then a clear one, forget what it was called. I still printed out the $2 off coupon, hopefully a deal will come up somewhere that carries it whoot whoot thank you!

  4. Ryoko says

    My Walgreen in concord don’t have those with Zout. If we use a coupon for a different item (original v.s with Zout) from the pictured, does Walgreen get money for those coupon?

  5. Amanda says

    Isn’t this supposed to be used on the purex w/ zout? Not the one on sale at our Walgreens or in our ads. Guess it’s a “if your Walgreens will accept ” type thing. IMO I try to use the product specified to the coupon.

    • says

      Right that’s why the post says if you can find a bottle with Zout, it’s just a variety if Purex so your stores may carry it. If not, you should not use this coupon.

  6. Krista says

    I was able to print two coupons but it took foreeeever….I often have problems printing with…it will print the majority of them fairly decent, but quite often it will say “do not accept your printer settings” and be very stubborn to print…this eats up much of my precious time…I am wondering if there is software or something that can be done to make this process flow a little faster….???

  7. Dee says

    Using this at Walgreens sounds like coupon fraud to me and no different to what J’aime was doing on TLC’s show!

    • says

      I’d love to know how this would be fraud. It’s a $2/1 coupon and it’s on sale for $1.99 (Walgreens Coupon Policy says that the cashier will lower the value of the coupon if it’s more than the product sells for. I said IF they have the Zout variety of Purex you can get it free.

      • Dee says

        They DON’thave the Zout variety yet so many couponers have said on a number of blogs that “the cashier took it anyway”. Is that not fraud?

        • says

          Then yes, it would be and as I stated above if you do not find the Purex with Zout you cannot use this coupon. It was a great coupon though and will be good for another sale I’m sure! :)

  8. Marianne says

    They have it at Walmart for $5.77 for the 100 oz bottle so with the $1.00 off coupon it’s a really good deal. Tried it for the first time and I’m really impressed with not only the cleaning ability but the scent is wonderful, too!


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