Free Printable Freezer Inventory Form

We spent a few hours this week cleaning out our deep freezer which still contained many items from before our move to Oregon from California.  Quite simply much of what we had was lost in the abyss below bags of cheese, veggies, and various frozen meals.  This could have proven to be an expensive mistake, but thankfully all of the food we uncovered was still well within edible perimeters.

With that said, we wanted to make sure that we are eating the food we buy and freeze.  Instead of spending unnecessarily each week and buying duplicates of something we already have.  Unless of course the plan is to stockpile because of a great sale, it’s quite simply wasteful to pack a freezer full of food you won’t eat.

So we came up with a Printable Freezer Inventory Form that will allow you to always know exactly what you have on hand.  This will make meal planning a breeze and I’m going to venture to say that it will also help the bottom line of your weekly budget.  So if you’re tired of uncovering  freezer burned meals, print out the Frugal Find Freezer Inventory Form and tackle that freezer once and for all.

How to Use the Printable Freezer Inventory Form:

  1. Take an inventory of the items you currently have in your freezer, listing them under the appropriate categories.
  2. Make sure you list the portion size you have as well so when a recipe calls for a specific amount you know if you have enough or not.
  3. Then use the boxes next to each item to indicate just how many of the particular food you have.  Use a slash mark  (/) to track the number of items you currently have, if you buy more just add a (/). One slash mark equals one item.  Then when you use the item add a second slash mark (X) to note that it’s no longer available.
  4. You can either print the Freezer Inventory From and enter the details by hand, or you’ll find that you can also edit it right there on your computer.



  1. Whitney Flores via Facebook says

    Love it, thank you!!! I love that it prints vertically too… going on my freezer right now! Now I can take down the white board.

  2. Kristine Iverson Bunting via Facebook says

    Hey guys, so I just had an experience at Walmart that left me a little confused so I thought I would post here and see what you TFF readers think. I had two different coupons for Enfamil formula. one for $5 off and one for $10. I thought that since I had two different coupons I could put them both towards one canister of formula. when I got up to the check out stand I was told that they don’t allow stacking of coupons. I am just confused by this because it seems that a lot of the ways you get great deals on items is by stacking coupons, or using multiple coupons to get money off the item. Am I confused or do you couponers just not shop at Walmart? I felt really stupid by the end of it and the cashier treated me like I was trying to steal something.

  3. Mae says

    Hey… I have only been following your posts the last few weeks–so I had only heard a little bit that you had just moved, and figured it was within the same city. I was thrilled to hear that you have moved to Oregon. I am in Oregon too and was previously from Cali also!! Very excited for you! 😉

  4. Dina says

    love this freezer inventory list! My old one needed updating. I’m going to type in myfood items, print on cardstock, then laminate. That way I can use with a dy erase marker over & over.
    Love it!! Thanks.

    • Jennifer A. says

      That’s what I was going to do too! I wasn’t going to list anything on it so I can add things in as I put them in. It’s going up high so the kiddos can’t reach it and mark on it or erase it :)

    • Jolene says

      Re: laminating. Get it Free or nearly free from Office Depot. Watch for their $10/any printing services coupon that comes out every so often. For pennies, I had OD laminate my coupon category separators.

  5. says

    I love the way that you have it set up to make an X when you finish it. This is different from other inventory lists that I’ve seen. Thanks! And yes, a pantry one would be great too. =)

  6. Jolene says

    I use an Inventory List for my stockpile of paper products in my garage…toilet paper, paper towels, etc. Since we have empty ice chests already in the garage, I fill those empty spaces with paper products. Write out an Inventory List, post it in garage. Tricky because if your stockpile is out of sight, it’s out of mind! Great ideas here, everyone!

  7. Lauren says

    Thanks so much for this great tool! I always just try to remember what’s in the back of the freezer, but by the time I make it to the frozen food aisle, I’ve forgotten everything. Thanks!

  8. Holly M says

    I love this! But, I wanted to suggest an additional item or an “Other” category. As I was doing my first inventory, I realized that I things like cheese and bread that I keep in my freezer and don’t fall into the categories you have listed.

  9. Anonymous says

    I love the freezer inventory list that was created a little while ago, but I am finding that I need the ability to add more lines, and/or change the subtitles of the items. I am not able to convert this to a word or excel document so (here goes my hint)…is it possible to open up some of the fields in order to manipulate them a bit (personalize) or create a similar document perhaps in Excel to use? Pretty please :)

  10. Jenelle Case says

    Thanks for the sheet Julia! My mom wants to get out and defrost our garage freezer before the big sales hit (since the freezer is really low for us). So this list can help when we re organize the freezer! :)

    • maria says

      Lisa, let me work on this. I am not sure why the PDF is no longer attached. I will email you as soon as I have fixed this problem. Thanks for letting me know it wasn’t working!


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