FREE Credit Score (no credit card required and nothing to cancel!)

Just a reminder, this freebie is still going!  Mr. Frugal and I just signed up for this completely FREE credit score/report a couple of months ago and I wanted to mention it because it’s one of the ONLY completely FREE credit reports out there.  I also like the monthly score update that we get via email.  You’ll have the details in just minutes and you never have to put in a credit card # and there is nothing to cancel.  Instant gratification that’s good for your finances, head on over here for your report.

It’s good to keep up on your credit score to make sure there are no surprises, credit theft, etc. We’ve used several different companies in the past, usually having to cancel a service after 30 days so we don’t get charged. This year, we found Credit Sesame, and we couldn’t be happier.

This isn’t a full blown report, but it’s a great start to see where you’re at with absolutely zero obligation.

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