FREE Apps For Your New iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

I’m sure many of you received some new Apple goodies yesterday – if this is your first foray into iTechnology, it can feel a bit overwhelming. There are TONS of apps out there – here are some of my favorite FREE apps.

Flipboard – This is an amazing app. You can read your RSS feed, Facebook and twitter feeds all in one place. I use this app every day.

Kindle – If you plan on reading on your iPad or iPhone, you need this app. It links your Kindle library with your device – simply amazing.

Pandora – If you have a Pandora account, you should have the Pandora app. Get free music, customized to your tastes, wherever you are. Hard to beat that. If you don’t have a Pandora account, you probably should.

Ibotta – This cash back app is awesome – even better, you’ll get a $5 bonus when you upload your first receipt.

Starbucks Mobile Card – This app is awesome – you can pay with your phone – no need to even bring your wallet! This works for Starbucks Gold Cards as well.

Netflix – Watch Netflix on your iPhone or iPad. Yep.

Geocaching Intro – Curious about geocaching? Give it a try – it’s FREE, and it’s really fun.

White Noise Lite – Unless I’m camping, I need background noise when I fall asleep. This app is PERFECT – and even better than just noise, it’s an alarm too.

Angry Birds Star Wars Free – The newest installment in the Angry Birds series – your kids will love you.

These are just a few of my favorite apps – what are some of yours?


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