(Offer Extended!) Completely FREE $99 Coastal.com Glasses Voucher!

UPDATE: You can order 3 of these deals, I got myself a pair too!  I ordered a cute pair of Vera Wang glasses for just the cost of S/H, they were regularly $400 glasses! Look how cute they are…

This is incredible! No More Rack is offering a FREE $99 voucher for Coastal.com. Just head on over here, sign up, and get your free voucher. Then you can use it to get any pair of glasses, up to $99 value, for free. You will be responsible for shipping.  You DO NOT need to enter a credit card or anything, you’ll be to redeem your voucher right away too.  Just go to your Order History on No More Rack to grab your voucher code.


  1. Mandy Halverson via Facebook says

    Plus, coastal.com is on Ebates … with 5% cash back (and a few coupon codes are listed as well) … which will help if there is any money due that goes over the $99 voucher.

  2. Mandy Halverson via Facebook says

    Yes, you will pay shipping (around $7?) … and any extra costs you add (like reflective lenses, scratch protection, etc). I just got my glasses for $27 total (with all the protection and including shipping).

  3. happyvalleymom says

    I got the code but it is only giving me $68 credit on a $98 pair? plus it is adding $7.95 postage and $5.77 handling/insurance.

  4. Mandy Halverson via Facebook says

    Do you have to order 3 at the same time? I got vouchers (codes) for 3 pairs … but they were all the same code. So, I assumed you had to do 3 different transactions. But, once I placed an order … I tried to order another pair … and it wouldn’t let me. Probably because I already used the code.

    I’d try ordering 3 pairs at one time … otherwise you won’t be able to get them in separate orders/transactions. :)

    I ordered a pair of Vera Wang glasses earlier today, too!! hahha.

    Thank you again for letting us know about this. I had been wanting new glasses for about 6 months!!!

  5. jessica says

    So I got 2….any idea how long the vouchers are good for? I will have to wait until Monday to see what my prescription is!

  6. Chanel Thimlar via Facebook says

    I just got 2 pairs!!! Thank you so much :-)
    Michelle and Mandy the voucher does not work on glasses that say “no coupons available”. However in order for the second voucher with the same code I just logged in under another email address.

  7. Michelle Gonsalves via Facebook says

    I ordered 3 pairs! One for me and 2 for my husband! Yay! I really wanted the baby pink Dior ones but they didnt qualify…oh well! Only spent $33 for $600 worth of glasses! Yippe!

  8. says

    Stupid question…but does anybody know how to get your prescription? Do they give it to you at the eye doctor after you get tested, I was told they don’t bc they don’t want you to take the prescription elsewhere. Does it depend on who your eye doctor is?

  9. joanne says

    thank you so much! just got vera wang glasses for $12!! unbelievable!! the coupon code only works on some frames (not some of the newer frames like the new Anne Kleins) and you just get your prescription off of an old eye doctors exam report. good thing i save everything! didn’t think that would ever be useful again!!

  10. Valerie Biggs via Facebook says

    Sooo you get the voucher(s) and use them at coastal? I don’t have insurance so once again this is a blessing!! You are awesome!! :)

  11. Michelle Gonsalves via Facebook says

    I ended up getting 4 with the same code! 2 for me 2 for my husband, just paid shipping! Paid $48 all together, retail was over $800! Awesome! Thank you!

  12. Michelle Gonsalves via Facebook says

    Barbara you cannot use it on many designer frames that say ‘coupon not applicable’ is that the issue?

  13. Esper Carreos-Hagberg via Facebook says

    Julia, do you know when the voucher expires?i still need to get my prescription so I couldn’t ordermy reading glasses today!

  14. k says

    I signed up and did not get voucher. I tried checking out the deal but it took me to credit card page. I clicked “submit order” and it did not go through. Did I do something wrong? Thanks!

  15. Sarah Milgate via Facebook says

    I had ordered from them before (coastal.com) so at first the code didn’t work so I called and they told me to use it for someone else in the family so I just logged out of my acct. with them and ordered the glasses and used my daughters name and it worked fine.

  16. Shana Long Hamel via Facebook says

    Thank you! I have been needing new reading glasses. I have had my Rx for about a year, and just ordered some cute Vera Wang reading glasses for a total of $12 and change! They are $78 glasses….

  17. Kairi says

    The coupon code doesn’t work anymore, I think too many people have jumped on this offer. My glasses don’t say “coupons not applicable” like some of the others so I know nothing should be wrong.


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