Fee Free American Express Prepaid Card Offer (Plus $5/5 Restaurant Coupons!)

Update: We just got our card in the mail, can’t wait to load it and start getting some $5/5 Foursquare rewards! If you have the Foursquare app on your phone, go to Explore and click on Specials – I have deals for two Mexican restaurants, an American restaurant, several pizza places and a Hawaiian restaurant within .7 miles of our house. What Foursquare Amex deals do you have? Head on over here to sign up for a FEE FREE American Express PrePaid Gift Card/Debit Card.

Why I love this offer…

  1. Some freebies or online deals require a credit card EVEN if your total is $0 – that’s when I use prepaid cards like this. I also use pre-paid cards for free trials, so need to worry if you forget to cancel in time!
  2. There are ZERO fees with this new American Express® Prepaid Card. This is a FREE pre-paid card and it comes with many of the American Express cardholder benefits too!
  3. If you use FourSquare there are many deals you can score just for checking in at local business and restaurants, but many require that you use an American Express card. For example our favorite pizza place is offering $5 off any $5 purchase, that means a slice of pizza, salad, and a drink for just $0.50 – awesome!

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  1. Kassie Cerami via Facebook says

    This is actually legit. I was skeptical so didn’t add any funds when I “applied” because they ask for your SSN (so I waited until I received a card before giving them that info AND acct info). But it’s completely legitimate and I called Amex directly to check on it. NO fees, NO interest rates…just like a debit card. PERFECT for online “freebies” where you have to give a card#. This one is safe.

  2. Lara says

    Thanks for all the info – I’ll give it a try and use the promo and hope that extra card comes in – could use it for gas in the vehicles!

  3. Katie Anderson Wilson via Facebook says

    I agree with you Kassie that is why I didn’t add any funds. I will though shortly:)

  4. Jennifer L Ramanathan via Facebook says

    i still got one. need it to load my entertainment budget with the ease of a card :)

  5. Keri says

    Thanks for the info. I heard about this offer from a similar website. They removed the free $25 part but didn’t explain why. I use prepaid cards to get free trials (Like Netflix and Hulu). When I try to get a free month, I have to use a new CCard so the prepaid cards have their benefits. I’m upset that I’m not getting a free $25 card but I’m going to try calling to see what I need to do for them to honor the code. (Code entered and worked, right?)
    If calling customer service doesn’t help, I’ll still be happy. The other prepaid cards I’ve had in the past cost $5.00 to activate, the plan changes or the card expires after a predetermined period of time, or they start costing money in one way or another (like $3 fee to load money to the card or monthly fees).
    My card should arrive in the mail tomorrow. I’ll read the contract extra closely to make sure there are no plans to change the agreement in the middle of nowhere. If it’s good, I’ll keep cash on the card. It helps when I’m always forgetting to get my card back when my friend goes shopping. Nothing is worse than opening your wallet and not having ONE single card in there to pay for something like gas!
    Since the banks are so messed up, we like dealing with cash. I’m still getting used to using paper money again.
    The SSecurity is important for the tax man. With people out of work, having to sell everything they can to get by, it means more people are making money from buying and selling in person (like on craigslist). Now the tax man can get a better idea of how much money we’ve really been making. When we moved out of our house, we sold everything possible. Almost half a year later, we are still living off of what we sell. (I just sold our refrigerator last week.) $500 here and there adds up. The tax man has to be wondering how we’re making a living! SO.. the $5 activation fee to use a prepaid card may have it’s benefits. IF ANY OF THAT MAKES SENSE!

  6. Karen H. says

    Just wanted to note that it isnt completely fee-free. There is a one-ATM withdrawal limit per month, and every additional withdrawal will be charged $2.00.

    Thereafter, a fee of $2.00 per withdrawal is assessed against the Card balance. Please note: ATM owners/operators may also charge their own fees for each withdrawal.

    • says

      Thanks Karen, I didn’t see that – but I never would have thought to withdraw money at an ATM from this card. The purpose would be for trial memberships, online shopping, etc.

  7. Danielle says

    Going to use this as my “Gas Envelope” in the budget. So much easier than going in and paying with cash.

  8. Jolene says

    Foursquare/AmEx special offers work for me. Last month, at ShaadZee Bakery in Pleasant Hill I rec’d $5/$5 (so a free light lunch). Current offers show Red Robin Sun Valley $10/$30. Also free gelato at Brick something Pizza. I think Twitter is offering AmEx sync-card deal for Whole Foods ($10/$50?)

  9. Karen says

    I got mine in the mail today and activiated it! I can’t wait to use it. One of the ways is I get my teen a card so I can put his allowance on it. I figured it can help him with money mangement and since I don’t often carry cash I can easily load it from my account. Does anyone know how long it takes for the balance to load?

  10. Kristy Graham Weyrauch via Facebook says

    Bummer, wonder if it was just one place, Ashley? I wonder if ff heard it worked, or just thought it’d be a good idea…

  11. says

    We just figured that out too, what a bummer!! Now it will work with some of the offers, for example we are able to get a free scoop of biscuits just for checking in and paying with our AMEX prepaid. It looks like some of the offers don’t require that you sync the cards.

  12. Cheryl says

    did anyone get the $25 free additional added with the promo? How long did it take to load on the card? I used the promo when i ordered it last month, and still just see my $25 I loaded ( it took a couple days to verify my bank account ). wondering if it is a bill cycle for it to show.

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