(Gone) FREE $2.60 Starbucks eGift Card!

I just wanted to up ya’ll on the FREE Tall Blonde Coffee offer we posted yesterday.  First of all, it looks like the offer is still up and running but I can’t tell for sure since I’ve already redeemed mine.  However just in case you’re sitting on the email that Starbucks sent out yesterday I wanted to let you know it’s even better than just a free Tall Coffee it’s a $2.60 Starbucks eGift Card!  I got mine via email yesterday (it doesn’t come right away, so be patient) but when it does come it will have instructions on how to redeem it.  If you have a registered Starbucks gift card or Gold Card you can load the $2.60 onto your card and use it towards ANY beverage or you can print it out and redeem it in the store.

Here is what my email says…

To try Blonde roast, Starbucks wanted to make your day so they’ve sent you a $2.60 USD Starbucks Card eGift to spend on your favorite beverage.

Redeeming your eGift couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is:

1. Redeem your eGift.
2. Print it out or transfer it to your registered Starbucks Card.
3. Bring it into any participating Starbucks store!

Then remember you can send the same offer to a friend, how awesome is that?!  Go here to request your free Tall Blonde Roast Coffee (aka $2.60 Starbucks eGift Card!) You MUST do this from a computer – it’s not compatible with mobile devices.

Hopefully the offer is still going, but if not I just wanted to let you know that you should load that money to your card!


  1. Adrianna says

    Awesome, thanks! I was just letting it sit there. Loaded to my card. Unfortunately, mine did not come, but my husband’s did!

  2. Lisa C. says

    Not available anymore, and of course I deleted the email that Starbucks sent me. Waaaahhhh. :-( Thanks for the heads up though!

  3. dawn says

    Thanks for the “heads up”. I received the email but didn’t pay attention to what it said. I downloaded it to my card. Thanks! Oh, I also received my ecard for the Holiday promotion as well. Sweet coffee day indeed.

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