Everything I’ve learned about time management…

What I have learned and am continuing to learn has come from my husband who reminds me, I simply can’t do it all and that’s ok. The other half of what I’ve learned has come from Crystal at Money Saving Mom who has taught me how to do the things I CAN do in the time I do HAVE.

We all have 24 hours in the day, how are we spending them.  Quite literally, how are you SPENDING them? I’ve learned to look at time like I do my finances, I have X amount of time as I have X amount of dollars.  I’ll choose to spend X on this and X on that.  Mr. Frugal and I are working out the nitty gritty details of our time budget and if there is interest we’ll share more here on TFF.

For now, I’m sending you over to Money Saving Mom she has a FREE eBook call Time Management 101 and today she released a new batch of Household Management forms that I’ve used and have been a real blessing to me.

My first tip, and this has revolutionized my time, but it’s likely one that will make many of you cringe as it did me when I first thought about it.  Get up BEFORE the kids. I whined and complained when I started thinking about this, it just didn’t seem fair that after years of staying up with crying babies, changing diapers, night feedings and the like that I still hadn’t earned “sleeping in until 7am”.  It seems like it should be a right of passage once you’re out of those years of life :)  However I been trying it for the last month or so now and have been blown away!  I feel so refreshed getting some quite time before the kids bombard me with the everyday kid stuff, I’m ready for it now – bring it on!


  1. Susann says

    I’m trying to figure out time management. I like the idea of waking up before the kids, but it seems like every time I do that my 4 year old wakes up too. I think she hears me moving around down stairs even though I try my best to be as quiet as possible. She sleeps in longest on the days I sleep in. Any ideas?

  2. Laura says

    I don’t have kids. However, I had read in the book “Introverts in the Church” of how introverts (which I’m catagorized as) need to wake up early to have that time to energize before work. So, I too have been getting up earlier this past month. I’m finding it very refreshing and helpful to have the couple hours in the morning to spend time with God and work on my blog. I need this time!

  3. Color-Coded Organizing says

    Time management is something so many people struggle with. But I’ve found that getting things out of the way before my family wakes up is a great way to go. I start my day slowly and feel accomplished before I event set foot in the office.

  4. Tiffany says

    My husband has been bugging me for a long time to get up before the kids. I know I should but I so cherish any sleep I can get. Maybe I’ll try it anyway, I’m inspired!

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