Endorse: FREE Cup of Coffee at the location of your choice – $3 Value!

I know that many of us are a bit disappointed with the new Endorse relaunch, but I do see an offer today that is pretty good.  If you download the new app or upgrade it you’ll see an offer for a FREE cup of coffee up to $3.00 value, valid at the coffee shop of your choice!  You will need to “share the offer” on Facebook to get the full $3 value, otherwise it’s just 10%.

From Endorse on Twitter: We’re here to help you drink more coffee. Your next cup is on us. Use at Starbucks or wherever.


  1. Erin says

    My biggest disappointment is that I can’t use it this time. We don’t have i products or smartphones, and my secondhand Upad (yes, there is such a thing – I don’t recommend it) doesn’t have a clear enough camera to send in receipts. There have been a few decent deals (MIL uses it), but it is so much more narrow than last time. I will definitely use it when I get the right technology, but we are in no hurry this time. By the way, our family got more than $100 back from Endorse during its original launch. If the deals were as good as last time, we would probably buy an android or i product in order to use Endorse.

    Thank you again for sharing, Julia. Free is free. :)

    • says

      I agree, I really wish they hadn’t moved to smart phone only program. The original program was wonderful and we were all hopeful it would have the same basic concepts, but it’s nothing like it was. Free is free, you’re right!

    • Erin says

      You probably already know this, but you have an ad on your site for $1/2 Larabar. We love Larabars. :) Now to find a sale…

  2. dawn says

    I agree. I can’t use it either because we don’t use smart phones and my ipad is the original w/no camera. Really disappointed!

  3. Danielle says

    I have smart phone but am completely unimpressed with the new launch. The earn protental is MUCH lower than before and it takes more time to use that its worth… I miss the old one.

  4. Jennifer says

    I too miss the original Endorse. I find that I do not ever purchase the products listed. As a couponer I won’t buy something unless on sale and with a coupon. Sometimes I forget the app altogether and probably miss a few %’s back here and there. I only have about $2 in my account. I received $90 from the previous way. But like we say, free is free.

  5. Alicia says

    I miss the old Endorse, too. I made $225 during their original launch, and that was in just 3 months. I was so patient while they reworked their company to deliver a better service. Too bad their app is a big disappointment.

  6. Sara says

    Ditto to what the other ladies have said. I had gotten great returns from participating in the original launch, but since I don’t have a smartphone I’m left out this time….although it sounds like I’m not missing much. Such a shame since the original version was so easy.

  7. Sarah says

    Money is money. I love the new Endorse app – it works perfectly on my iPad. There are not as many options, but even 10% off here and there is great (such as coffee).

  8. Kimberly says

    It sounds like I’m in the minority here, but I think the app is better. Yes, it is limiting in that you must have a device on which you can install an app. Yes, the earning potential is lower. However, it’s much easier for me. I was going nuts trying to keep track of what I had or had not “endorsed” and where all my receipts were. Some of my receipts, such as target or walmart, I didn’t want to send in right away in case I had to return something else. So then I had to keep track of that… oy vey, what a headache.

    The new app is simple. It’s toned down so you know their company is not going to go bankrupt giving you back money on every item you purchase. Seriously, where was all that money coming from in their previous “life”? I check for new offers every thursday. If anything catches my eye, I make a mental note. So far I’ve gotten the most benefit out of the 10% back on “any brand” items. It’s super quick to take a pic of my receipt and upload it. I get to keep my original receipt. I mark exactly what I think I should be getting back, and it’s quick and easy to know if I’m getting my cash or not.

    You get what you pay for. :) In this case, I’m happy they are paying ME! 😀

    • Adrianna says

      I totally agree with Kimberly! It was a pain the old way, having to ENDORSE everything or else try to remember WHAT you endorsed. And sending stacks of receipts that, oooops, needed that receipt for a return or exchange and now I will never see it again. I literally made about $15 the old way. I have been using it for only a month and WOW! Free coffee, 50% back on Goodnites and 10% on turkeys and hams! I have made almost twice as much in only 1 month!
      I am thrilled, besides, this way I can IBOTTA and ENDORSE my receipts and not have to do separate receipts for items to send them in…

      I love it! Simple and saving me money!

      • Danae says

        Ideal if you got a little one in diapers and drink coffee oh and eat turkey 😉 pretty much only way I have earned $ this time around. I had to wait a few months until my contract was ready to renew and iPhone 4 became free but now am glad to have. I use this more then iBotta at the moment but we don’t drink soda and I swear 1/2 my items are soda on there. Definitely many items I will never buy therefore never get money back on but am glad to not have to spend all that time endorsing items just in case.

  9. mary p says

    i don’t like it either- seems like everything i’ve used in beta comes out worse in the final version. (anybody use alice.com beta?) and no smartphone here. how much does the cheapest smartphone service cost anyway? if i thought i could afford it i might get one. (i just want to make a few calls and use a few coupon apps, no texting, no other fancy stuff.)

  10. Tiffany says

    The original Endorse was awesome, I did get hundreds of dollars back. But, I love the new Endorse app, too. I use it all the time and have gotten money back for coffee, paper towels, diapers, beer, turkey and more things I’m already going to be buying anyway. It’s one of my favorite apps!

  11. Jen M says

    I was able to donate $10 to a school needing money for books today because of endorse. Sure I only have $3 in my account, but everything little thing helps and I’m really close to my second $10 donation.

  12. VIckie Jones says

    I just cashed in $11.35, mostly because I bought some of the Zantirmans and beer. I’ve not seen a single deal shared throught FB though, Am I missing something

  13. Amanda Corvello says

    Thanks for the heads up. I was surprised at how narrow the selection was although i do like how it can be any brand for some items. Ive been frustrated by how quickly things disapear and i can only get credit for the receipt.

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