Does give your computer viruses?

So apparently some people have been “getting viruses” from  So I asked Mr. Frugal to step in and help us out. Here is what he suggests….

Obviously we don’t want to promote a service that’s going to ruin your computers, so I decided to look into it. Over at Hip2Save, several users havecommented about getting a virus while using First, I was not able to reproduce the issue myself, but most likely I did not see the same ad; that being said, I can’t tell you which ad to look out for, but it doesn’t appear to be super rampant.

Basically, here’s my tip: if you’re on and a window shows up showing a virus scan and indicating that you have a virus, simply close the window. It’s a pop-up (most likely generated from an infected ad that has nothing to do with) that is trying to get you to install a virus. Once you do that, you’ll be prompted to pay for said protection; DON’T DO IT, it’s a scam.

If you’ve already been infected, here is a good walkthrough on how to remove it yourself.

If you don’t have an anti-virus program currently installed, I would recommend reading my post on Free Antivirus programs. While you’re at it, Keep your Windows PC Super Clean, Free! is another article you may want to check out.

Feel free to ask questions in thecomments section, I’ll do my best to answer them.


  1. Carrie Cerve via Facebook says

    I was on last night and my IT husband was sitting right there when it popped up.
    I quickly exited out without allowing it to continue. Then I went to the task manager and deleted all the IE items in process.
    It worked. A bit of a pain but it worked.
    I use a lot and this is the first time I have run into a virus.

  2. says

    i received one today, and called my husband right away to ask what to do. i wasn’t sure if it was legit or not. we have antivirus on our computer, so i didn’t know what was happening. did decide to close it out, so no harm done.

  3. Denise Sautter-Anderson via Facebook says

    Yep, I haven’t seen it on before, but on other ads. It actually starts “scanning” your computer. Not really but it makes it look like it. Then it pops up and says you have like 4 trojan viruses and a whole bunch more. Paul saved ours form one before. You don’t click on anything except for exiting out. Sometimes that doesn’t work either and you have to use task manager to close all apps. The other thing is, alot of times those particular programs if you click on them they will infect you with a virus in order for you to buy their product to remove it. Very naughty mean people out there trying to make a buck. If you have something like spybot or other things it will often catch those before they even come up and disable them.

  4. says

    Hello Couponers! My name is Rich and I am a Support Engineer at

    First I would like to thank Mr. Frugal for creating this article and shedding some light on the matter. We are sorry to hear about these reports of viruses on our website and we have already reviewed our code to make certain that this issue is not being caused by or originating from our end.

    The problems being described here indicate that some of our users are being tricked by a browser redirect trojan that has been sitting latently on their local machine since it was downloaded, most likely from a questionable file sharing network file, questionable email, questionable website, even an instant messaging program with sharing rights enabled.

    The trojan modifies your web browser to redirect to a malicious website that is made to look like a Microsoft “My Computer” window running a fake virus scan that is detecting non-existent threats on their computer. This is not a real Microsoft window, you are not seeing a real virus scanner, the threats being shown do not really exist. There is only one virus here and that’s the one that keeps sending you to the malicious website. In that sense it is a pretty mild threat to your computer other than being very annoying and possibly scary.

    This is a popular scam that resurfaces around the web from time to time. It is meant to draw people into downloading a real trojan that will continue to annoy its victims with more fake virus alerts even more persistently until they submit to and purchase a fake program that does absolutely nothing. The scammer can then attempt to use that credit card information for other purposes. Please do not follow the instructions on this malicious website. When you see it, close your browser.

    There is a lot of useful information on the Internet on how to identify the source of and remove the trojan responsible for this annoyance. Please visit Google and search for “Fake AVG 2011″ for more information about this issue and how to remove it from you computer.

    Again I wanted to reassure you that is not infected with a virus, and is not infecting your computer with a virus either. Our website is likely being targeted by the redirect virus on your computer by some logic unknown to us, probably because it is a popular site in your browsing history. My recommendation is to research the issue through Google, follow the solutions to neutralize the redirect virus, and use caution moving forward when downloading unknown emails, files, and websites to ensure it doesn’t find its way back on to your machine again.

    Best Regards,

    Technical Services Incorporated

    • BS for sure says

      you are wrong. And right. is not the problem. your pinting site “” is KNOWN to user browser backdoors to install useless unwanted things. This is what most good FW’s will halt on.

  5. Nicole Salmons via Facebook says

    Oh my gosh…like like like your comment. I dont like to normally use Safari, but am forced to –if I want to print coups.

  6. S. Pierce says

    If anything pops up on your scrren that you are not sure of…i.e the virus scan Just press ALT F4…. This will close all the windows on the screen and you can start over. I actually tried to close out of a scan thing and clicking anywhere on it will install the virus despite any Virus Protection you may already have. It will hide behind that protection. I had to have Norton explain that to me and they are the people that said pressing ALT F4 is the best way to proctect yourself.

  7. danielle says

    I can say I got this virus in December after visiting Twitter, I never even signed in, but as soon as I brought up the page, the virus box appeared to make it look like my virus scanner AVG had found these items, i tried to click out, but it then took over my whole comp, I ended up having to restore to factory settings.

    I used this morning and last night, I had no issues what so ever with them, but to be safe, I ran 3 different Anti- virus programs, Norton, Microsoft Securities and Malwarebytes, they all came back with no threats thankfully.

    My sister also got this virus on her comp over the summer, and she does not use twitter or, so i don’t know exactly where this virus is originating from.

    • says

      Just to be sure – you shouldn’t have both Norton and Microsoft Security Essentials installed at the same time. You never want two anti-virus programs installed at the same time as they will cause conflicts with each other. You CAN have Anti-virus and anti-spyware (Malware Bytes) together… and even more than one anti-spyware is ok.

  8. Rachel says

    Hacker’s are smart… They can program the pop up window so that every part of it (even the “x” for close) directs you to the malicious website. To avoid this DO NOT CLICK on the window at all. Instead, hit Ctrl+F4 or Ctrl+W.

  9. Chris says

    My mother in law and I both got this pop-up yesterday after receiving the New coupon Advisory email from Southern Savers, and clicking on one of the printable coupons in the email which took us to I repeated the steps later in the day and nothing happened.

  10. says

    It’s frustrating because when a link is posted I automatically click it and start printing only it doesn’t print and I have to remember that I have to reclick the link….copy/paste….sign in on safari…go to the link then reclip all the coupons….it’s SOoOoOoOoOo frustrating!

  11. Shayla D says

    Mr Frugal I downloaded Spybot like you suggested and it found:
    Coupon Bar 9 entries Adware

    but when I click on “fix selected problems” it says:
    “this action may not be performed completely since you are not an adminstrator. If you want this proformed for all users, please run this application elevated as an administrator”

    Then I press ok and it says this:
    “Some problems couldnt be fixed; The reason could be that the associated files are still in use (in memory). This could be fixed after restart.”

    So I am wondering what all this means? Thank you

    • says

      Shayla, when you turn Windows on, typically you select a user profile. Some have Admin rights, some just basic user rights. You need to login to an Admin account to be able to fix the problem, according to Spybot.

  12. betsy says

    i was attempting to get in on a high value coupon at home the other night and the fake scanner popped up. ugh! missed out on a good coupon. just shut it all down and went to bed instead! I usually use an alternate computer for my coupon printing.

  13. Dawn K says

    Thank you for posting this! I have had issues with this and I know it was always when I dealt with I have asked several people about it because I wondered how so many people were printing these coupons without having problems but yet it was always an issue with me and some others I know. When I posted the question on a few blogs, the bloggers didn’t know what I was talking about. I’m down to one computer that definitely is having some issues ever since I started using again. It’s a relief to know that I’m not crazy and others did experience some problems too. LOL. And I’m also very thankful for IT guy to comment on here too. Hopefully, I can get my issues worked out because it’s definitely been a pain in the butt here lately even to use my computer. I have tried several different programs (McAfee, Norton, AVG, etc.) and they all claim everything is ok but I know it’s not. Fingers crossed, I can fix it! Thanks again!

    • says

      Dawn, I would recommend this scanner as another option –, you don’t have to actually install software.

      Also, when trying different anti-virus programs, be sure to only have ONE active anti-virus at a time. Uninstall everything you aren’t going to use, and install just one at a time and run your scan. When you want to switch programs, uninstall the one you aren’t going to use and then install the new one.

      McAfee and Norton would not be at the top of my list – try scanning with Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials.

      As the IT guy pointed out, this actually doesn’t seem to be a issue, but may be triggered by visiting

  14. says

    Thanks so much for this info! I have gotten that screen a couple of times and since it wasn’t anything from my normal antivirus software I closed it down. After reading this post and the comments, I am really glad I did.

  15. NONE says

    I have had to reboot my computer twice because of None of that showed up so there has to be more then one virus.

  16. K.Les says

    I print all the time .but recently when I tried redeem them at a local store ;when the casher scanned one there computer system froze up ; they say it is the online coupons that are causing the problems ,this has happened twice ;so I have quit using for now ;
    Has anyone else run in to this problem

  17. says

    We have gotten malware numerous times from the coupon printer. So many times I finally uninstalled it. I have had the free version of Malwarebytes and also Kaspersky Security Protection yet the Malware can still sneak through. So even though the coupons saved us a lot of money and when your are both retired and living on social security checks that is a huge plus. However when you have to pay a fee to have your PC cleared of the Malware it takes away all that you saved using the coupons. Hopefully someday someone will come up with a coupon printer that won’t give us malware.


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