(Still available!) FREE eBook: Dave Ramsey's Guide to Budgeting

Dave Ramsey's Guide to Budgeting

It’s a new year and I can imagine as many of us look back at 2012 we see areas we could improve on financially.  Too many lattes and not enough in savings?  Dave Ramsey has released a completely free resource called “Dave’s Guide to Budgeting“.  I am not sure how long it will be available for free, so I’d suggest you head on over and download it now.

More details about the free download:

For the first time, we’ve put together an awesome Guide to Budgeting that looks at all the nooks and crannies of making a budget. And the good news? It’s not about numbers. Or math. Or fancy calculations. It’s practical, down-to-earth information and encouragement that’s sure to get you started on the right foot. But it’s up to YOU to get started!

If you’re looking to for a success story you should read Katie’s, she shared their debt free journey here on TFF last year.

They’re DEBT FREE: $77,000 in 28 Months

They’re DEBT FREE: $77,000 in 28 Months Part 2

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Don’t buy stuff you cannot afford.



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