CVS: $5 off $20 Coupon in today’s 6/16 paper!

It looks like this very popular coupon is back!  Hayley left a comment on the TFF Facebook Page to let me know that there is a $5 off $20 coupon on the front of today’s newspaper San Jose Mercury News paper.

    Please let us know if you found it on another paper too!


    1. Stephanie Hott via Facebook says

      Lucky! I checked my paper (Orange County Register) and no CVS coupon )-: However there was a Kohls $10 off $30 purchase coupon on the front. (-:

    2. Barbie says

      Contra Costa Times not only has the $5 off $20 coupon today but also a $10 of $30 Kohl’s purchase!

    3. Kelly says

      I have a newbie question… Does the CVS card savings count as a “CVS coupon?” I have two coupons for Colgate Total Whitening, $1/1 and $.75/1. It is BOGO free in the current CVS circular with CareCard. Can I use the coupons and card savings AND apply the $5.00 off my $20.00 purchase? That coupon just says can’t be combined with “any other CVS/pharmacy coupons.” But like I said, I am new at this!

      Thanks!! Kelly

    4. lyn says

      so we didnt get it last time or this time (i only get sunday chronicle) is this a sticker on the font page or located inside? is it actually printed on the page? im heading out to buy a paper and i just want to know what to look for. Will i be able to see the coupon from a newpaper box ?

    5. says

      I am going to head out and get a few papers… My register didn’t have it if I go to a newsstand will I be able to see if the kohls and cvs are there? Or do you not see it till you open the paper up? We have problems with inserts being removed, if it’s on from at least I can see if someone has removed them

    6. lyn says

      kelly, put all the products through to reach 20 than use the 5/20 first then give the cashier the other coupons. Because the BOGO is a CVS deal only the first cost will apply so say they are 1.99 when you are checking to make sure you have 20 in product dont count the 1.99 twice…

      on a side note i dont have the circular in front of me, but toothpaste is always free or a money maker, unless you need toothpaste, or you need the cost to make your weekly total 20, there is always free toothpaste i have enough crest 3d vivd to last my family of 4 3 years and thats just from feb til now i donated a ton and started purchasing it again

      • Kelly says

        Lyn, Thanks! I guess I will have to work my way up to getting it free! I have some studying to do…

        I think I did okay though at CVS:

        I had a $5.00 coupon for 2 Cover Girl make up items that totalled $16.00 pre-coupon. Then had the bogo Colgate (2.99) with a $1.00 coupon, and a free Seattle’s Best coffee drink worth $1.49. Brought my purchase to 20.48 +tax. My coupons reduced it to 7.35 plus I got the $5.00 EBC for purchasing $15.00 worth of makeup.

        So it was like paying $2.34 for the makeup, 2 toothpastes and a coffee drink! That was fun and I can’t wait to do it again and get better at it!

        Better yet, I turned around and used a $1.00 coupon on a $5.99 conditioner and then used my $5.00 EBC!! Woo hoo!

        Thank you Julia for a great and motivating site! Thank you Lyn and any who offer their great advice! : )

    7. Julie Meyer Berry via Facebook says

      Contra Costa Times has the CVS $5 off $20 purchase coupon and the Kohls $10 off $30 purchase.

    8. Jolene Hughes via Facebook says

      Just so everyone know this coupon expires on the 18th. This Saturday. Just incase you are thinking up picking up some to save. I was bummed when I went to the store and saw that.

    9. Julie Meyer Berry via Facebook says

      I receive 2 papers so I have 2 coupons. Can I use both by doing two seperate transactions?

    10. Malikah Hunt via Facebook says

      anybody know if the Sac Bee has it? and can two be used together and in conjunction with other coupons Thanks peeps :)

      • Anonymous says

        No you can’t use two in one transaction. But you can split your transactions up to save more money.


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