Contra Costa Times Missing Sunday Coupon Insert – Is this happening to you too?

Are you no longer getting coupons/inserts in your Contra Costa Times Sunday paper?  I’ve head from MANY of you that this is the case and it’s not only on papers that are delivered, but on news stand papers too.  Let’s discuss this…please let me know if this is happening to you.  Does the front of the paper say that coupons are inside?

I have a great contact at CBS 5 News in San Francisco (Julie Watts) and she would love to investigate this further, but we need a few of you to help her with information via email.  If you are willing to allow me to pass your email address on to her just put your email address in the comment section below as you normally would and let me know if I can forward your info on.  Only I can see your email address, so you can remain anonymous here on TFF.


  1. Sharan Nacionales says

    Hi Julia,

    Thanks for inquiring about this. I thought I was loosing my mind when the inserts weren’t in the papers that I purchased from the news stand. The front of the paper does state that there are coupons inside but no inserts. This has happened to me 2 weeks in a row. I thought about returning the newspapers but didn’t want to deal with the store thinking I had taken the inserts and was trying to return the newspapers. I sure hope this does get figured out. In the meantime, I will stick to purchasing the Chronicle even if they are $2 more per.

    Sharan Nacionales

  2. Elke says

    I check the papers for the inserts before I purchase to make sure there are coupons. No coupons in the CC Times at any of the 3 stores that I stopped at for the past two weeks.

  3. Shannon says

    I get the paper delivered to my house and some weeks there are no coupons. Other weeks I get the SS but not the RP. I thought maybe my delivery person was taking them, but maybe not?

    • stephanie w. says

      this happens to me all the time! so disappointing. but my mom who lives on the other side of town gets all of her coupons and she gets the CC Times too.

  4. Casey Campbell via Facebook says

    No coupon inserts in Dublin this past week. I went to two different stores and checked each paper. All the ads were there, but no coupons.

  5. Cheryl Woods says

    I never looked to see if it says there are coupons inside, I just always assumed there was. I buy news papers off the stand and the last few times there have been NO coupons. This past sunday, I didn’t even get a Walgreens circular. I’m very disappointed. I wasted $2 dollars.

  6. Sandy Nevels via Facebook says

    Im guessing those that work in the newspaper facilites are taking them and giving them to friends/family or keeping for themselves. I always check my paper for the inserts b4 buying.

  7. Sandy Nevels via Facebook says

    Im guessing those that work in the newspaper facilites are taking them and giving them to friends/family or keeping for themselves. I always check my paper for the inserts b4 buying.

  8. Michelle says

    For last 2 weeks, no coupons in contra Costa times. I thought how odd. Bought paper in different locations. What is going on?

  9. Rolanda says

    That is so funny you bring this up. I am a Sunday paper coupon fanatic and 2 weeks ago I moved to Contra Costa County from Alameda County. The Contra Costa Times is the local paper and have noticed that the last 2 Sundays, there were NO coupon inserts and yes, it said on the paper that coupons were inside. I thought that was normal and I was going to have subscribe to another paper.

  10. Christina West says

    Thank you for passing the information on to your friend at CBS5. I have been missing the coupon inserts in my Contra Costa Times for 2 weeks in a row & it is really frustrating. I usually look through the paper & check for inserts before I buy them, but I have been in a hurry the last few weeks & later find myself without coupon inserts. I have also considered trying to return the papers, since I only bought them for the inserts, but didn’t want to go through the hassle of them questioning whether I took them out before bringing them back. You are more than welcome to pass along my e-mail address to your friend, I would love to help her with any information I can provide so she can look into this further. Thanks again for bringing this to her attention.

  11. Erin says

    Just my 2 cents… For home subscription, I would definitely call and ask to be refunded. I have made it clear to my newspaper that we buy the Sunday paper for the coupons. If the paper states that it contains coupons and it doesn’t, it is false advertising. Whether it is theft or Contra Costa Times cutting corners, the consumer has every right to return a product that was not delivered as promised.

    Thank you, Julia, for looking into this.

  12. dmama says

    I actually called to ask for a refund (the CC Times) and they told me the newsstands are NOT their problem and hung up on me…twice….

  13. Amy Evans says

    Past two weeks our CC papers have NOT had coupons! However, had 3 or 4 of the same exact TV Guide insert! I thought maybe someone has been stealing them from the newstands again!

  14. Amy Evans says

    They have to have something going on the paper’s end. I used to work for this newspaper company and did my share of stuffing inserts! So, I know that it can possibly just be someone’s laziness, or worse, someone frauding them! But it definitely needs to be resolved!

  15. grammy says

    i don’t know if you have any pull at the reno gazette journal, but they also don’t include them in the out of town papers. when i inquire, i’m told its a matter of demographics, which doesn’t explain why sometimes there are, sometimes there aren’t. at $3.00 buck a pop for them, you would think they could at least put in the inserts that they advertise on the front page !!!!

  16. Joli Holm says

    I get the CCC Times. The coupons are hit or miss. I always have something, but never the same number of inserts that you say we should have. Thanks for looking into this. Feel free to share my info.

  17. Fanny says

    We were missing an insert from yesterday and we have it delivered. We usually get all our inserts though. So weird! Thanks for this post.

  18. CodyMarie says

    I usually buy my CC Times at my local 7-11, the last 3 weeks or so I’ve bought the paper but no coupon inserts, only ads. The SF Chronicle has been gone so, I haven’t been able to see if there are coupons in them. I normally check before I buy … the first time I thought it was a flook but this last Sunday was the 3rd time. Very disappointed.

  19. Sherri says


    This happened to me yesterday. I sent my husband over to Lucky (in Concord) to pick up two Contra Costa Times papers, and there were no coupon inserts! I would be more than happy to talk to Julie Watts. You have my permission to forward her my contact information.

    I hope something gets done about this. It sounds like a lot of us are getting ripped off.

  20. Kristine says

    Julia, THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this! I am going on another week of NO coupons in the times. I’ve went to 6 different cities over the last few weeks and still have not gotten ANY coupons from the times. I’ve bought them from 7-11’s, newspaper racks, and various other places. It’s to the point where I go and look in every single paper where ever I go and I find NO coupons. Last week they advertised “inside $150 in coupon savings” this week was $55 dollars in coupon savings.” I’ve posted on your page a few times in the last few weeks. Please pass on my info to CBS5, I’d be willing to give feedback. Thank you again

  21. Karen says

    I don’t get the CC Times, but the same thing has happened to me for the last 4 weeks with the Yes, Your Essential Shopper, a supplement from the SJ Mercury. I get it just for the coupons and have emailed each week, but nothing. I also get the Chronicle and that has the coupons.

  22. MELISSA says


  23. marcy says

    I have emailed you before about this so yes please forward my email:) The Chronicle is so expensive so the last month I havent purchased as many papers so Im getting less coupons:(
    thanks for your help

  24. Martha says

    This last Sunday I got some Daily Review papers (San Leandro/Hayward area) and there were no coupons inside. It said $127 (I think this was the amount) worth of coupons on the front of the paper!! I got some others the same day and they did have coupons.. Feeling ripped off because I paid for all the newspapers specifically for the coupons!!

  25. Tiffany says

    I am glad I am not the only one! I have not been able to find the inserts in any of the Contra Costa Times for 3 Sunday’s in a row, however they are in the Chronicle and Times Herald! Very frustrating. I wonder why this is! Yes, my paper indicated there were coupons inside, however they was not!

  26. Miki Uyeda says

    Hi Julia,

    Yes this happened to me yesterday. I bought the contra costa times. It said it would have $50 worth coupons in it but when i looked through it there weren’t any. Thanks fort looking into this.


  27. Kathy says

    I am having a problem for the last month and a half with the Daily Republic, Fairfield, CA. I am only getting Red Plum delivered. I called the paper about not getting a smart source and they just took my name and number and someone would get back to me. I get the Sunday only Sacramento Bee and no problems there. I actually increased my Sacramento Bee by one to make up for the lack of one in Daily Republic. I am probably going to stop subscribing to the Daily Republic because of it.

  28. Lucy says

    I get the cc times and have not had this issue, as of yet, but I sometimes get a handful of extra sets of coupons in one. Thank you to the coupon fairy!

  29. Jani says

    Same problem with The Herald in Monterey County. About 2 years ago I was told that I didnt get certain inserts (Red Plum and store ads) due to my zip code (15 miles away from 93940). So I would get them from my mother ONE mile away from me but in a different zip. 6 months ago I was told that the “carrier had to request and insert the coupon inserts” (his fault). For about 6 months I was getting all 3 coupon inserts most of the time. Have been missing all Sunday coupon inserts for 1-2 months now so finally called The Herald this week and I was told that Smart Source supplier “ended” and they were trying to contract another supplier(? what?).
    Also, related:
    … The coupon selection and requirement to buy multiple items has been a big damper too …
    I strongly believe that more and more obstacles, from store loyalty cards to less good coupons to large price jumps and downsized packages etc. etc., are biting the hand that feeds them. (For example, I now use cheapy laundry wash and patronize Grocery Outlet, 99c and others more frequently.)

    • Julia Hubbard says

      I also have been trying to find a local paper in stores that have the coupon insert in Monterey Hearld and Salinas Californian since the third week of Dec 2012 I have seen none! If anyone is still working the story, you may forward my comment and email. Thank you Julia!

  30. Lisa says

    I too thought I was going crazy! No inserts in CCCT paper for the last 3 weeks.
    Please forward my email to your contact.


  31. linsay del rosa says

    I live in martinez and 2 weeks ago I had no coupons in the CC times. This past week I got the SS insert but not the RP insert. Glad I’m not the only one!!

  32. Caroline says

    I didn’t get any coupon inserts in the San Mateo Times and SJ Mercury in the last 2 weeks. Also I get the SF Examiner from the machines but for the last couple of months the SF Examiner has been missing the Smart Source and P&G it has been getting the Red Plum, I have been at the machines when the paper gets delivered and no one is taking them out then, I am wondering if, the ones that are suppose to put them in are keeping them. The SF Examiner is also delivered to the house and that paper has all the inserts, I am just wondering what is happening with the ones that are in the machines. I have called the SF Examiner many times but no will return my calls.

    • Anonymous says

      Same here! Have been only getting RedPlum and not SmartSource or PG for the last couple of monts – Area code 94158

  33. Desiree says

    I was not too happy to find that my inserts werent in my or my grandparents paper because today is an important coupon day!! 94801 & 94805

  34. Sherri says

    I just finished up my interview with Channel 5. As far as I know, I’m the only one they’ve interviewed so far. I think they have a couple of others in the pipeline.

    Desiree – I got my coupon inserts this Sunday. Channel 5 would be interested to know that you didn’t get them. Would you consider talking to them?

  35. Michael Switzer says

    An error in scheduling caused the newsstand copies of the Times to be without coupon inserts on a couple recent Sundays. That problem has been corrected and you should have found quite a few coupon inserts in this past Sunday’s paper. If you purchased a paper without inserts and would like a refund, please contact our office (925-302-1710) and we will take care of your request. We are pleased that so many shoppers take advantage of the money-saving coupons in the Times and are very sorry for the inconvenience this problem may have caused you.

    Michael Switzer
    Single Copy Manager
    Contra Costa Times

    • Verna says

      Sunday paper 11/18 I had one coupon page Smart Source and on the front of the paper said $323 worth of coupons. I contact CS they said should had got 3, got call 4 hours later saying that there was only 1. I call the local office the number posted here the supervisor said coupons are deliver according to your zip code. So someone may or may not get them all. Ask why can they advertise that there more coupons then there is and why is it fair that some city get more coupons then others and paying ths same price she said its up to the advertiser whant coupons go in what zip code. I get the Sunday paper deliver and online week days and have brought the paper in the rack and have got the same coupons.

      • Michael Switzer says

        Please contact me directly at and we can determine what caused you to not receive all of the insert packages and see if there is a problem that needs to be corrected.
        For clarification, it is true that the advertisers (Red Plum, Proctor and Gamble, etc.) are the ones who determine where their coupons should be delivered. They are able to target specific zip codes. While we would of course prefer to have full distribution of all advertising supplements, the decision is always the advertiser’s.
        Having said that, most coupon advertisers choose to reach the broadest audience possible, and I’d like to work with you to make certain that you are receiving all of the supplements that were intended.
        Thank you for your support of our local newspaper.

  36. May says

    This is happening to me too!! I always buy my newspapers from the store. I am thinking someone is stealing them out of the newspapers.

  37. Tina Marcis says

    San Francisco – For example, last Sunday I went to collect the Sunday free edition of The Examiner. I went to the first stand on California and Polk Sts. There were copies of the Sunday (which are free to all) edition and the paper was inside but every paper had the coupons removed. There were at least 20 papers and each and every one had the coupons removed and stolen. I finally went within a 10 block radius looking for the free edition w/coupons and each and every stand the coupons were removed. Someone at Walgreens in the area told me that a certain group of people are taking them at 6am. The Walgreens employee told when they ae on there way to work they see the culprits who are raiding the stands and the coupons. This is horrible and something should be done about it. Does anyone have the answer? Perhaps I will have to wake up at 4am and try” to get the complete edition. HELP!!!!!! How can we resolve this epidemic ! YES it is that bad in San Francisco


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