Check for your NEW Just 4 U prices!

Today is the day, Safeway has reloaded your account with NEW Just 4 U prices.  Mine seem to be similar to last quarter’s except a few things are actually a little higher.  However I did get a couple of new deals that I’m very pleased with, for example…

Ground Beef – $1.99/lb – On sale this week BOGO – So I pay $0.99/lb!

Kraft Chunk/Shredded Cheese 8oz –  $1.90 ea

Weight Watchers Smart Ones – $1.40 ea

Also everyone should see in the Coupon Center the following 1 time coupons…

$0.38/lb for Bananas

$0.99 for Crest Toothpaste
$0.75/1 Crest Toothpaste, exp. 1-31-11 (P&G 12/26/10)
Final Price: $0.24 ea

What are some of your Just 4 U prices?  Anyone feeling a little more comfortable with the new program yet?  I’ll admit the deals just aren’t the same anymore, but I do love that my Just 4 U prices work very well with a BOGO sale. If you’re not familiar with the program take a minute to read through my Just For U post which will explain it in a bit more detail.


  1. Erin says

    I got the $1.99 ground beef. Do you know that it would stack with the BOGO? I thought Just 4 U gives the better of the 2 prices, not both promotions combined. I would love to be wrong! Please report back if yo get the $1.99 BOGO combined. :)

    I also got:
    $1.77 grapes
    $1.76 Lucerne 8 oz cheese (which carries the Real CA Dairy logo so I can use the $.55/1 found at the website) = $1.21 8 oz cheese
    $1.49 Half gallon milk
    $1.38 Ragu sauce

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    P.S. I want to add that there is a $2/4 coupon for Juicy Juice found at (must register). Use it on the juice promo to get Juicy Juice for $1. :)

  2. carrie says

    I got diapers (big $.50 cents off)
    Then get this formula use to be $22.95 or $21.95 wyb 2 or more each. No I have a personalized price of $23.09 and the new regular price is now $24.49 so they raise the regular price to give me a personalized price which is a little more than the price was last month and I always bought 2 at a time so techincally I would be paying $1.14 more each if I buy 2.

    I have noticed safeway raising the regular price on a coupleitems to give me a personalized price, which is more than what the cost was previously. They did the same thing on diapers.

  3. SueBee says

    Boo! I want the ground beef deal too! I got to keep my old personalized deals- seems like a few prices went up a little bit- and they added a few things like 18 ct eggs for 1.88, strawberries for 2.49, pint of grape tomatoes for $1.89, Foster Farms whole chicken .83/lb. I’m getting used to it but I hate that I have to cross-check my list when I’m shopping to figure out what my “real” price should be. The fact that my personalized deals double up with BOGO promotions is VERY nice, though! I scored big on Prego pasta sauce last week because of that! My PP is $1.82/jar so I was pleasantly surprised to find that even on BOGO I got to keep that price!

    • Erin says

      Thank you for confirming that the Just for U prices do work with BOGO! I had never tried before since the FAQ says you get the better price. Sorry you didn’t get the ground beef. :( We actually have two cards since we had lost one and didn’t remember our old phone number (and found it after replacing it). It is nice to get different personalized prices on each, if only I could keep them straight. :)

  4. Sarah says

    I’m so underwhelmed by my deals…. :-( Nothing in meat and nothing in produce really (minus bagged spinach at an okay price). I didn’t get eggs either. I’m feeling a bit jipped LOL.

  5. Candice D says

    I also have the Kraft chunk/shredded cheese for $1.90. Some of my other PP- $1.98 for Quaker granola bars, $0.67 Chicken of the Sea, $2.39 for a 10 lb bag of russett potatos, $2.67 for Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies, $1.79 Eating Right bread

  6. Stephanie B. says

    At least some of you got deals. I keep going back to the website and it keeps telling me there are not personalized deals available in my area, or something to that effect. :(

  7. Jill Guiomar says

    I think things are working out with it, but I want to see MORE Grocery and less toiletry/drug/etc. stuff, I don’t buy a lot of that there, only on really good deals, and I feel like 75% of the deals on the website are not grocery items….oh well, it is working out!

  8. Emily says

    My deals are not great this time at all. I wish I had the ground beef, but no luck. The funny thing is, my JFU prices are not for things that I buy with any frequency. Also, they gave me a JFU on salad bags again, but it’s almost double what it was last time!

  9. Jennifer says

    How long does it take to see some deals listed. I registered a couple months ago and I just checked and it tells me nothing is available yet, that I was too new, and to check back. I’ve been shopping more at Safeway because we can double and would love some of the produce ones.

      • Jennifer says

        I just check again and finally kinda put two and two together reading it over again lol. It says that it isn’t yet available for my area and card. Maybe it isn’t ready for my area yet. Darn.

  10. dana says

    How did you all get the 1.99 for ground beef? When I went to the downtown safeway the BOGO ground beef was still 3.49 /lb. The other beef was 2.29/lb, but was not BOGO. I spoke with the guy in the meat department. Am I missing something? Thanks for your any help.

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