Blockbuster Total Access: FREE 1 Month Trial

We cancelled our TV service in favor of Netflix streaming some time ago now, and our bank account couldn’t be happier. Netflix also offers DVDs and Blu-Rays by mail, but if you’re looking for games you’re out of luck. Enter Blockbuster Total Access – for the same price as the Netflix Blu-Ray plan ($9.99 mo) you get 1 disc at a time – DVD, Blu-Ray or Video Game.

Now here’s the really great part – you get unlimited in-store exchanges at participating stores. That’s right, if you have a neighborhood Blockbuster, you don’t need to ship your discs in, you can just take them to the store and swap them out. If you regularly visit your local Blockbuster store, this is a fantastic deal. Our local store charges around $6 for a 1-week video game rental. $9.99 month sounds a lot better to me.

Want to watch a different DVD than the one you rented tonight? Head down to your local store and swap it our – FREE.

Did I mention that they’ll start you out with a FREE 1-Month trial?

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