Amazon: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, Single Serve Bags – $0.26 each!

This deal is back! Right now you can get a 60 ct box of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish (1 ounce bags) for $15.78 shipped – that’s just $0.26 per bag!  My target price for snacks is $0.25 cents or less each.  It is really nice to have a few staples that are already packaged and ready to grab!

Costco sells a 24pk of these for around $8.00, so this even beats Costco’s prices!


  1. Cary says

    Julia, I have to tell you that I love Amazon’s customer service. I just got my flour that you posted about a couple of weeks ago and the bag was broken. (Picture great cloud of flour puffing out as I open the box!) I called them and they are overnighting me a new package.

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