(Expired) Amazon FREE eBook: Mastering the Kindle Fire by CNET

The Kindle Fire was one of the most gifted tablets this Holiday season.  This FREE eBook is sure to come in handy, right now you can download Mastering the Kindle Fire for FREE!

Whether you’re a tech fiend or tablet newbie, there’s a whole lot to learn about the Kindle Fire. Though it’s based on Android, every feature — from app management to Web browsing — is entirely unique.  That’s why CNET, the #1 technology site, is here with an exclusive How To guide on the Kindle Fire.

Glide through more than 75 tips, including:

  1. Getting your personal documents, photos, music, and video easily synced
  2. Little-known hacks, like installing Amazon-banned apps and accessing your PC from the Fire’s screen
  3. Maximizing your battery life with expert tricks and helpful apps
  4. Making the Fire more useful with task switching and cloud storage
  5. Workarounds for common frustrations, like Adobe Flash and exploring the file system


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