ACE Hardware 50% Off Fresh Cut Christmas Trees!

Ace Hardware has released a coupon good for 50% off ONE regular priced item under $30.  The coupon is valid to redeem on Saturday 11/26 ONLY and doesn’t exclude Christmas trees – what a STEAL!    According the prices online we could get a tree for as low as $12.50, I for one will ABSOLUTELY be testing this deal!

Also if your ACE doesn’t have carry Christmas trees many Lowes or Home Depot stores will accept a competitors coupon, so you could try that route as well!

Thanks Time 2 Save for this great idea!



  1. Anon says

    I was just telling my husband that to save money this year I didn’t want to get a christmas tree…….bah humbug….but this coupon would really help. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. Katti Jamieson via Facebook says

    I called a bunch of ACE Hardware stores in my area and none of them will be selling Christmas trees. I might try Home Depot or Lowes. I would love to take advantage of this deal.

  3. Katti Jamieson via Facebook says

    I called Home Depot and they said they’ll honor it and gave me the managers name who ok’d it. Hopefully they have their trees by Saturday.

  4. Kim says!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gjAwhwtDDw9_AI8zPwhQoY6IeDdGCqCPOBqwDLG-AAjgb6fh75uan6BdnZaY6OiooA1tkqlQ!!/dl3/d3/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS9ZQnZ3LzZfMjAwMDAwMDBBODBPSEhWTjJNMDAwMDAwMDA!/?navtype=&cid=STELPRDB5337696&navid=160110000000000&pnavid=160000000000000&ss=110519&position=Not%20Yet%20Determined.Html&ttype=detail&pname=Lake%20Tahoe%20Basin%20Mgt%20Unit-%20Passes

    This is a really long link, but it takes you to the CA state info for buying a Christmas tree permit for $10/tree. You can pick your own tree and cut it down in Lake Tahoe! This has become a family tradition for us. It is so fun, and it makes for a really affordable tree!

  5. T says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Frugal Find for the beautiful 6 foot Noble Fir tree that has made the Christmas spirit come alive in my household. This is the first time I’ve ever bought a full-sized Christmas tree. I never felt like I could spend that much money on a tree and throw it out just weeks later. But, with this ACE coupon, I went to Home Depot and got a beautiful Christmas tree for 50% off ($9.99 total). The kids are thrilled, and my husband and I love the pine-scented smell of the house. You have made us so happy! I always wanted one of those trees that you can see from outside the living room window. Now we have it. You have been so helpful in allowing my family to “save more, give more, live more.” We will pay it forward by fulfilling a few needs of the less fortunate on the “giving tree” at our church. Bless you!

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