99 Cents Only Store Shopping Trip 9/27 (CRAZY Larabar deal 16 for $1!)

Crazy Larabar deal!  How about 16 Larabars for $1?  The 99 Cents Only Store on Clayton Rd has Carrot Cake Larabars, 16 ct, for this unbelievable price.  That is about 6-cents per bar!  I asked an associate whether they were selling the Larabars individually, and she informed me it was the entire box!  My receipt actually says: Larabar–Carrot Cake Bars, 16 ct … $0.9999.  Note that the expiration date on the bars is Nov.24, 2011.  Find these boxes in the front lobby of the Clayton Rd store.  (The associate was sharing a tip with me that whenever there are uncut boxes, it means they’re selling the entire thing as a unit.  It doesn’t hurt to ask & learn new things!)  OK, on to the rest of my purchases today…

1.   Romaine Hearts, 3 pk
2.   Bananas
3.   Yellow Squash, 3 pk
4.   Watermelon
5.   Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Cremea
6.   Breakstone Cottage Cheese, 4 pk
7.   Jell-O Temptations, 3 pk in French Silk, Mint, or Apple Custard
8.   Cap’n Crunch Cereal, 14 oz
9.   Westsoy Organic Soy Milk, 32 oz
10.  SlimFast Meal Bars, 5 ct in Chocolate or Cookie Dough
11.  Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, 10 ct

I’m planning to make Chicken Alfredo with the Philly Cooking Creme, yellow squash, chicken, and my $.39 Golden Grain pasta (from Safeway’s Mix ‘n Match Sale!)  Navigating the aisles today I noticed they were stocking lots of new beverages and new baby food from Plum Organics.  Go check out the crazy Larabar deal for sure!

This week’s shopping trip highlight was brought to you by Jolene, the new TFF 99 Cents Only Store expert! Find a 99 Cents Store location near you.


  1. Danielle says

    WOW! Thats awesome. Did it look like there was a lot? I like to keep stuff like this in the car for food 911 situations. I cant get there today but maybe tomorrow.

  2. Lexi says

    Do you know of any stores like this throughout the country or specifically Michigan? Maybe another chain that is similar? These deals seem awesome but I wouldn’t even know what to start googling in order to find them? Any tips?

  3. Laura Gordon says

    I just love that place! I actually was able to score Kraft SimplyRicotta Cheese (lowfat)…going to make stuffed shells for dinner tomorrow…i just love the deals on everything there! Especially on dairy and produce!

  4. Ashleigh says

    The Larabars were also at the Vallejo, Ca location. Although their boxes were cut open, they were still only .99. There were a ton of boxes here.

  5. Jolene says

    Danielle, I’m betting that shoppers are unaware that it’s the entire box. So I think you can score a box tomorrow. Fingers crossed for ya!

  6. Jolene says

    Denise, I suggest taking it up to the register and asking for a price check. If the deal is on, the register will say 16 ct for $.9999. Have the indiv bar and the entire box price checked.

  7. Danae says

    Jolene – what time do you usually go at???

    When I went this morning the truck hadn’t come in yet with the new stuff :(

    I guess I got there too early.

    • Jolene says

      Danae, mid-day is my target. New shelf-stable products always featured in the front lobby, make a right turn as you enter, on what I call the “Wall Of Wow!” (WOW). I swing by there first.

  8. Linda says

    Jolene, Where is this store located? I live in Delaware, and I don’t think there are any kinds of stores like that around here!! LOVE Larabars!!!

  9. Jaclyn says

    I picked up 4 of them thinking they were a dollar each which was still a good deal to me. Then the cashier told me it was the whole box and I practically died. I actually got 19 bars for a dollar! 😛

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