99 Cents Only Store Shopping Trip 11/29

Toy & Grocery bargains at the 99 Cents Only Stores!  Everyday shopping today was a pleasure after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.  My best buy in Grocery was this enormous 18-pack of Quaker Chewy Granola Bars!  For about a nickel a piece, I stocked-up for my family’s upcoming road trips & for days when I have “Snack Mom” responsibilities:

  1. Quaker Granola Bar Variety Pack, 18-count
  2. Earthbound Farms Organic Spring Mix, 11 oz.
  3. Earthbound Farms Organic Half & Half Mix, 5 oz.
  4. Kraft Singles Swiss Fat Free, 10.7 oz.
  5. Butterball Roasted Turkey, 16 oz.
  6. Roma Tomatoes, 8 ct.

I am hunting down affordable toys suitable for donations, Angel Tree giving, Secret Santa, and stocking-stuffers.  These card games were only $1 each.  For younger children, the Cars 2, Toy Story, and Fisher Price games are classics which also develop visual discrimination skills important for pre-reading.  For older children, there’s Trivial Pursuit Steal (compare at $5.86 on amazon!).  I also found PEZ dispensers with various characters, including the Disney Cars characters:

  1. Trivial Pursuit Steal
  2. Disney Cars 2 Red Light, Green Light & Spy
  3. Fisher Price Go Fish
  4. Toy Story Go Fish & War

This week’s shopping trip highlight was brought to you by Jolene, the new TFF 99 Cents Only Store expert! Find a 99 Cents Store location near you.


  1. Tracey Pearson says

    I love .99 cent only store. I also got the granola bars. Great deal. My best deal was 1.5 lb packages of Oscar Meyer turkey. I got 20 packages because I live in California, the land of no doubles.

    • Jolene says

      Tracey, I also live in the land of no doubles Northern CA so I’m passionate about 99 Cents Only! We’ve managed to wean ourselves from Safeway by stocking-up @ 99 Cents Only–just like you did. It’s funny because my store displayed the Quaker granola bar boxes — the 18-ct. & the 8-ct.– side by side…and both were priced $1.

  2. Judy Barbosa Trent via Facebook says

    I found the Littlest pets from the Littlest Pet Shop for donations! It’s a great place for stocking stuffers and for donations!

  3. Jolene Wong via Facebook says

    Oh Judy, that’s wonderful! Save more, Give more as the TFF saying goes. Also, to go with the Littlest Pets theme , I saw a set of Multiplication Flash Cards w/ Littlest Pets yesterday in the Book Aisle.

  4. Susanna Burke says

    Wow- another great trip! I am hoping those granola bars are still there tomorrow- I don’t think I can get over there before then!! I scored a bunch of the LPS toys on my last trip, too. HUGE savings on those!

  5. Holly says

    I got the granola bars too! Checkout girl said they had 30 packs a few weeks ago! I dont know how I missed em! Bummer! I also got a bag of the little taters that were talked about a couple weeks ago! They are in the crock w/ a roast, cant wait to try em out!

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