The "New" Frugal Find ~ It's About to Happen!

You might remember that a few weeks ago The Frugal Find’s site went down. We immediately jumped into emergency mode and with the help of Marci and Candace (thank you, ladies!), we were able to get the blog up and running again. However, it soon became apparent that the site needed some major work done in order for this not to happen again. And realizing that this meant changing it up significantly, I decided to “go for it” and do a complete overhaul.

I initially thought the new design would be ready in a matter of a few days, but this was wishful thinking. It takes a lot of work, planning and designing to come up with a new blog. But thanks to my right hand Marci (your are awesome!) and my great designer Laura, we are now just days away from unveiling the new “The Frugal Find”.

You will see a slightly different layout of the categories and tabs. But don’t worry, all of the information is still there. If you are having trouble finding something, please let me know and I will point you in the right direction. Also, if you find something that isn’t quite working or if you have any suggestions to make the site even better, I welcome all your feedback :)

I thought it would be kind of fun to include a mascot in the new design, and after searching high and low I settled on the most adorable baby red fox you’ve ever seen. There is something about the look on this young fox cub’s face that made me fall in love with her. If you would like to see her before the official unveiling, check out TFF’s Facebook page and look at the new profile picture. Oh, and we will be having a contest to name her! Stay tuned …

You might be wondering why I chose a fox, so let me explain. When I moved from Guatemala to Boulder almost 6 years ago I remember seeing a fox in my backyard taking a nap. This was my first time to ever see one in the wild and I was  thrilled and excited beyond words. So when I came across the picture of the red fox cub in a basket, it brought back a flood of memories.

Fox in garden -crop

Fox in my yard!

You see, so many things have happened since August 2008 … My marriage fall apart after almost 20 years. My father’s health has declined significantly. My dog Rex who I loved more than words can say passed away.

However, some good things have happened as well. My son Phillip graduated from high school, took a gap year and is now  enrolled in college. He is now an amazing young adult who has been such a rock and always there for me. My daughter Annette has blossomed from a child into a lovely kind and caring teenage girl that any parent would be proud of. I have made new amazing friends who have been there to support me through all these big changes. I did a complete 180° in my career when I started running this blog. I could go on and on, but I don’t want to bore you.

Phillip Annette UWP- crop

My children ♥

So in a nutshell, what all this has taught me is that you should be open and flexible for change. I had been afraid of change until I realized that this fear was limiting so many aspects of my life. Once I decided to let go of my fears, everything  fell into place and I haven’t looked back. So I would encourage you to reflect on your own life. Question yourself often and make sure you are living your life to it’s full potential.  I came across this quote by Bob Marley that really sums it up so I will leave you with this final thought to keep in mind:

“Love the Life you Live, Live the Life you Love” ~ B.M

I truly hope you will love the new “The Frugal Find” as much as I do.




    • Maria says

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Dara! I’m both nervous and excited and hope that everyone likes the new look!

  1. Me says

    Sometimes life feels like it’s falling apart but in reality it’s just getting us ready for new and bigger things! Your not alone and hang in there. Can’t wait to see :)

    • Maria says

      Susan, it has been quite a journey! But I agree, I do feel like I am on to bigger and better things. Thank you so much for your sweet words :)

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