51 Ways To Save Money…the Easy Way!


Many folks often struggle with ways they can generate income, save money or just get by from pay check to pay check. Here are 51 Ways to Save Money…The Easy Way!

  1. Make your own Homemade Laundry Detergent
  2. Make your own Dishwasher Detergent
  3. File your Taxes for Free
  4. Freeze your Debit Card
  5. Cash Only
  6. Cut your own kids hair (or your own even!)
  7. Barter
  8. Sell your 2nd car
  9. Sell everything
  10. Get a part-time job
  11. Quit your job
  12. Couponing
  13. Stay home more
  14. Cook from Scratch
  15. Meal Plan
  16. Serve Meat as a condiment
  17. Budget Reasonably
  18. Accept Hand-Me-Downs
  19. Garage Sale
  20. Thrift Store
  21. No Cable
  22. Minimum Cell Plan
  23. Taxes are not a good savings plan
  24. Be Content
  25. Eat Out for Free (or close to it)
  26. Check the Couch Cushions
  27. Turn Off the Lights
  28. Home Brew
  29. Pack your own lunch
  30. Relocate
  31. Be properly insured
  32. Toss Media to the Curb
  33. Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries Simply
  34. Discover Whole Foods
  35. Shop Discount Stores
  36. Ask Friends (babysitting, etc)
  37. Start a Garden
  38. Survey Companies
  39. Swagbucks
  40. Get a Tune-Up
  41. Carpool
  42. Wait 7 Days
  43. Use those gift cards
  44. Use the Library
  45. Use Cloth Diapers
  46. Negotiate for a discount
  47. Downsize
  48. Repurpose
  49. Donate
  50. Drink Water
  51. Make Coffee (and Homemade Coffee Creamer) at Home

Over the coming weeks I will be going into detail with these 51 Ways to Save Money…The Easy Way!

What are some Easy Ways that YOU Save Money?


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