$3 OFF Coupons for HASBRO Games

52331d42c6ba5d5acc00006fThere are several coupons this morning for $3 OFF a variety of HASBRO games for everyone! My personal favorite is Jenga … I just love the excitement and tension that slowly builds up as the tower get taller and wobblier. And the screams of the kids when the tower comes tumbling down are just priceless! These coupons will come in handy if you have any of these games on your Christmas list. Print them now and keep them handy!

$3.00 off WORDS WITH FRIENDS Game from Hasbro
$3.00 off TWISTER or OPERATION Game from Hasbro
$3.00 off MONOPOLY or BATTLESHIP Game from Hasbro
$3.00 off one JENGA or TABOO Game from Hasbro
$3.00 off one MAGIC JINN game from Hasbro

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