13 quirky things about me…

After proof-reading this post, I almost didn’t publish it.  Then when I couldn’t figure out what Category to label it, I almost didn’t publish it again.  But oh well, here it goes!

When I’m drinking a cup of coffee at home, I have to have a teaspoon in it.  Gripping the cup without a teaspoon under my thumb feels strange.

I hate elbows, especially dry ones.

The thought (or feeling) of biting or pulling cloth through my clenched teeth (or those of my kid’s teeth) makes me cringe.  Just typing this out made me cringe.

I like the smell of skunks and gasoline (in small doses).

I cut the Box Tops off of every single package before I throw them away, we homeschool.

We have owned at least 10 couches in 10 years.

I look for coupons and catalinas on the ground in parking lots.

I love office and school supplies, they have a stockpile area of their own.

I hate reading instructions, typically it goes like this… “Honey can you read this and tell me what I need to know?

I have the mindset that “in the end everything will work out” while at the same time I also have the mindset that “everything is going to go wrong“!

I’m a perfectionist, who isn’t very perfect at all.  If I make an error on my grocery list, which happens all the time – I have to crumble it up and start all over.

I love babies, skip two years, and then I love them again. Mostly kidding :)

I find movies, almost all of them very boring.

The fact that I couldn’t come up with an even number (5, 10, 15) quirky things about me annoyed me.

That’s all from the top of my head this afternoon. Are you quirky too?  PLEASE share your quirky behaviors in thecomments, don’t leave me feeling quirky all by myself!


  1. Jamie Howard-Sears says

    pahaha Oh…you don’t have time for MY quirks :/ But we have some similar. For me it’s feet. Feet are nasty. And Doritos smell like feet to me so I’m not a big fan of the Dorito. And I can’t do paper or wood in my mouth. I seriously just shuddered thinking about it. Those ice creams that come with the wooden spoon? Not a good scene. I love that you shared!!

      • Laura says

        I have been known to follow a car that has a yummy gas exhaust smell just because I can’t stop inhaling it. Also, you may find me with my face in front of the open freezer when there is lots of “cold air” blowing. Love the smell of that too :-) I also refuse to get a kindle because I smell the book pages while I am reading. I always have a glass of ice that I am eating and have a specific brand I have to buy because I like it better than other ice. My family pretty much thinks I’m nuts. The clerks at the store know to ask me every time I’m there if I will be getting ice today.

  2. says

    love love love it I wanted to do something like this on my blog as well, but ended up being a big chicken and scratched the whole idea. The things you find out about people who don’t normally blog about these things is very interesting to me. Makes them more personable. Thanks for sharing

  3. TMI :) says

    I can’t use the same color of dish soap two times in a row and I can’t buy the color I’m currently using…

    My favorite animal is the Moose. I’m not sure what the plural of Moose is. I also love Sea Horses and butterflies.

    I have a real addiction to Chocolate milk.

    I love fruit…All fruit, but I hate cutting it up.

    Foil makes me cringe….the feel, the crunch, the thought of the crunch…….Tin foil, Aluminum foil….ohhh they both creep me out.

    I’m the kind of person who will catch a spider in her house and let it go outside….I don’t usually kill them.

    I can sleep for 18 strait hours if I wanted to…..I don’t know what it is but I love sleeping. It runs in my family….it’s probably a medical problem that I’ve never had diagnosed but all I know is I can sleep for days!

    I absolutely HATE putting gas in my car

    I love gloomy rainy weather (except now that I have to take the dog out in it…..lol)

    I want to win the lottery so I can hand out money to people who need it more than I do.

    I have absolutely no desire what so ever to go sky diving. I’m not much of a thrill seeker…I don’t even care much for roller coasters

    If you go through the list of phobias….I have about 40 full blown phobias that will put me in a panic attack…My first biggest fear is flying…my second is vomiting….

    I hate the sight of blood….unless it’s in a test tube! Hey. I’m a lab tech.

    I always clean when I’m angry

  4. Kim Swieder via Facebook says

    I would have been so sad if you had changed your mind! I have been looking forward to getting to know you better since you mentioned this in an earlier status!!

  5. Jacquelyn says

    You’re a freak!! Just kidding. I think we’re all weirdos. In one way or another. I know I’m odd, too. I LOVE that picture of you with your children. :)

        • Lori says

          I have seen lots of me in lots of you….
          I also do the grocery list thing & I will re- write it when at the store when I start crossing things off, lol
          I have to play a game of solitare on my cell before going to sleep & I have to “win” before I can quit.
          I will read most of a book at night & can’t stop in the middle of a chapter, no matter how long.
          I have to bless myself with my crystal Angel every night, after I have done my solitare & have to bless once for each of my children (3 living & 2 Angels) & then 5 more times for everyone else.
          I sleep with a mini fan on over me for air circulation I guess?
          If I am able to change a TP roll from under to over I will.
          I have to flip my pillow several times a night to have the cool side up.
          Boy, I can think of so many more….scary, lol

  6. Kim says

    I like the smell if diesel, especially big buses. I also can hardly sit for a movie. I’m right handed but use the mouse in my left hand. I wonder if Yo Gabba Gabba will cause my son brain damage.
    What do you do with all those box tops? Did you see their $10 cash back offer right now?

  7. Amanda says

    Thank you for sharing a little bit more about yourself. It is good to know that others have quirky things about themselves too. I have way too many to list but I too like the smell of gasoline and the occasional sniff of light skunk ( unfortunatly I live in the country and smell it too much when it isn’t winter). Thanks again for the smile at the end of my sometimes LONG day!!

  8. Susan says

    Your first one about the coffee cup made me laugh out loud! I do the same thing! It drives me crazy to drink my coffee without a spoon in it. My husband loves to tease me about my spoon. See-your “quirks” are perfectly normal!!

  9. says

    I DO:
    1. Wonder if God will let me bring my label machine to heaven with me
    2. Despise the sound of zippers, velcro and a knife cutting into a dinner plate
    3. Return grocery carts to their corrals whether it’s summer, winter, rain or snow
    4. Believe ladies should refrain from behavior (or habits) such as burping or “fluffing” especially in front of their man – it’s just not attractive
    5. Say thank you at least 5 times a day, it’s important to me to let one know I appreciate them
    6. Have every product label in our home facing me, including items in the fridge and shower
    I DON’T:
    7. Run yellow lights, stop signs, speed or drive on empty anymore
    8. Use the words “always” and “never” in heated conversations, there are no take backs
    9. Care to see anyone (young, old, male or female) scratch their belly – it’s just gross
    10. Have to win the battle to win the war
    I WILL:
    11. More times than not trust my husband’s opinion because the likelihood is he’s given it way more thought than I would
    12. Rearrange furniture and/or pieces every 6-8 months for a fresh ambiance
    I WON’T:
    13. Take the easy road, or a shortcut, just to avoid a challenge or because it’s inconvenient. I’m a firm believer that when you take the high road you build character and your inner strength
    14. Replace it if it’s not broken and just because it’s in style, or the “new” thing, doesn’t mean it’s for us. We don’t keep up with the Jones’; they are in debt to their eyeballs!
    15. Push my spiritual, personal or political beliefs on anyone

  10. Kim Swieder says

    1. I can’t stand to leave text or voice mail messages on my phone after I deal with them. They MUST be erased immediately!!
    2. I am obsessed with hockey stats, even though I can I can never remember them, and with hockey fights.
    3. Chewing gum grosses me out and I don’t EVER chew it.
    4. I feel nauseous when I think or see teeth or dentists or anything dental.

    I could go on and on, Lol! Guess I should stop some place. :-)

  11. Marmlaide says

    1, I live a cheese sandwich made out of cinnamon bread.
    2. I like to put creamer in before the coffee, that way I do not have to stir it.
    3. I refuse to do housework on the weekends.
    4. I ALWAYS like to sit in the back at church.
    5. I like the smell of chlorine and bleach.
    I guess that is as quirky as I get right now.

  12. says

    ooooh no. there are many of us — and that’s okay. because ‘normal’ folks consider couponing quirky. hey, thanks for sharing and inspiring us to open up and share our world. and a super thank you for all your hard work in couponland!

  13. Mandy Halverson via Facebook says

    Since you homeschool your kids, what in the world do you do with all of those Box Tops? Is it just to help out the local school?

    Man, I could relate to just about ALL of your quirks!! Seriously. Especially the grocery list. If I make mistakes in putting it together, I start all over, too! haha.

    Here’s a random one for ya …

    I don’t like the word “moist.” It just sounds gross.

  14. Olivia says

    I too like the smell of gasoline, but my weirdness doesn’t stop there! I HAVE to smell almost everything, it is sick I know!!! I smell most of my food before I eat it; I smell my deodorant before I put it on and the sick list goes on and on. It’s not that I LIKE the smell of these things; I am just compelled to smell them. Also, I almost never finish what I am drinking. I am like the little girl in the movie ‘Signs.’ I leave all my glasses with just a little bit left in them. If I buy a fountain soda I can only get the small size. Even if the bigger size is the same price, I just ruins the experience for me to have a big soda.
    Thanks for sharing your quirkiness with us. I think it is the “weird” things we do that make us unique and fun. When my husband makes fun of a weird habit of mine, I tell him those are the things he will miss about me if anything ever happens to me.

    • says

      What is it about the leaving some beverage in the glass, I do this EVERY.SINGLE.TIME too! I can be gulping down a big glass of water, but I subconsciously leave a sip or 2 in the cup.

  15. jackie says

    1. I won’t brush my teeth or wash my hands unless my bathroom mirror is spotless..it grosses me out :)
    Many ,many more to post,but this one is tops for me:)

  16. Patti says

    I cringed too when I read about the………shirts in mouth….ouch!

    I also hate feet.

    I will gag at the smell of Parmasean cheese, to me it smells like vomit.

    I love to cook but hate it when I find out I have run out of something so I give up. My husband does most of the cooking.

    I have a freakish obsession with Spiders yet I screamed when I saw a centipede the other day.

    I can almost handle the largest task yet crumple over something silly.

    I am an overcritical person, I often watch movies or tv to find mistakes.

  17. says

    Mandy a few years ago I sold them on Ebay, who knows why but people buy them. I have quite the collection, but no plans to sell them this time – or at least I haven’t made the time to. My kids know about my obsession and don’t dare throw a box away without cutting it off for me. I even have a little bowl on the window sill in our kitchen where they go. I’m SO strange. I know :O) Oh and I get excited when I see a box in the store with a double boxtop offer!

    • lisaengle says

      My girls collect box tops for their elementary school. This year, the class with the most each month wins a party (ice cream, donut, etc.). These incentives have helped our PTO raise more box tops $ than ever!

  18. Stephanie Fava says

    before i finished reading the sentence about … well… what makes you cringe my entire body was covered in goosebumps…and i didnt even know that about myself! lol
    i also have a huge bag of box tops…and my kids arent even school age…i just cant throw them away! lol
    i like the smell of gasoline and skunk …

    my own personal quirks…
    i just recently started drinking out of glass cups for the first time in my life, i avoided them because i thought they smelled weird.

    i cant sleep unless i have chapstick on…

    i never eat the last bite of a meal…

    • says

      haha, glad I could help you find another quirk :) Ok I totally get the glass cup thing, some DO smell strange. I wonder what that’s about. Ours don’t smell though, if they did…

    • jeanine says

      you just recently starting using glass cups and I gag at the thought of using plastic cups. I can’t even watch someone drinking milk out of a plastic cup without turning my head away so I don’t gag!!! milk in a plastic cup is the grossest thing I can think of!!!

  19. Faith Reed says

    When on facebook I always scroll down to where I left off reading. I don’t like the idea of reading them out of order.

    When I open a box of cereal I always open the same end of the bag so when you are pouring it you alway see the front of the box. If you are right handed.

    • Megan says

      I did that with my cereal boxes too. But the other people in my house wouldn’t follow the rules, so I had to get one of those reusable tupperwears. Drove me nuts. My husband thinks I’m crazy.

  20. Kim Dauer via Facebook says

    You should donate them to a school…or is your homeschool a “private school”? Perhaps you can turn them in for yourself. They are worth 10 cents a piece.

  21. Denise says

    I too love the smell of gasoline, but not diesel. In fact when my mom was pregnant with me; she would beg my father to roll down the windows at the gas station. :) Maybe that’s why I’m so weird. 😉

    I really love dogs, but probably can’t have one of my own because I want to puke when I smell that “dog” smell. YUCK!

    I don’t like green beans too raw, the feeling of the rubbery outside bugs my teeth.

    I don’t like Styrofoam cups because they actually send a shock to my front teeth sometimes.

    I don’t like things to touch on my plate. And I eat things in order. So for ex. I will eat all of my mashed potatoes before I move on to my green beans, etc. etc.. Not always but a good 95% of the time I do.

    I have a fear of spiders and snakes. And in a lot of cases I don’t like a lot of animals that start with S.

    There are more of them, but those will do for now. :)

    Oh I also clean when I’m angry. That’s why my husband comes in and asks me if I’m upset with him when I start a major cleaning frenzy. 😉

    • Anonymous says

      I must eat Skittles, M&M’s, and any other colored candy in a specific order. All like colors must be grouped and the flavors must be eaten in the order of my least favorite to my most favorite so I can look forward to eating my favorite flavors longer and get rid of my least favorite flavors quicker! Lol!

        • Janice says

          … and my thinking is that I have to eat the most plentiful colors first until I have equal numbers of all colors…. then one of each color in a cycle … also starting with least favorite colors … what is the percentage of people who do this??

  22. Jeanna Carol Pool says

    Oh my gosh,my boyfriend says the things I do are OCD.I only drink out of Kraft Miracle Whip Jars or to go cups only,I have certain Coffee cups that I will drink out of,certain forks and spoons that I will eat off of.I always put my creamer and sugar in my cup before putting the coffee in it,I turn my socks inside out and brush any and all lint off before I turn them right side out to put them on,I have to have my sheet tucked in at my feet and the sheet can’t come up past my chest when I get in bed,then I have to stick my right foot out of the covers(That’s my Thermostat,lol).I will not stop and go in a convience store for anything other than to use the bathroom,not even when I’m thirsty,I’ll go to a fast food place and order in the drive thru.I can’t stand it for someone to touch my food on my plate or try to drink out of my glass.I very seldom eat out but if I do I have to have a to go cup with my beverage in it and I won’t use any condiments that are sitting on the tables that someone could have tampered with or that a child could have sucked on like honey,ketchup,sugar,etc.I never use the pump Ketchup despenser,I always get to go pckts of ketchup,sugar etc.I to can’t stand the wooden sticks on ice cream or to hear someone scrape a fork thru their teeth while eating.I won’t use milk past the sale by date.I can’t stand anyone touching my feet,so I’ve never had a pedicure,I belch after eating or drinking anything with out knowledge that it’s coming,which can be really embaressing.So These are a few of my things that I have,but I’m not as bad as my sister. She says she can’t throw a piece of trash out by itself ,because she’s afraid it will be lonely!LoL, Now that is way out there if you ask me!

  23. Janice says

    Just found a nice, new coupon for a FREE CoffeeMate in the Safeway parking lot.
    MUST have that spoon in the coffee.
    MUST have the perfect shopping list – AND now must add all the online Safeway info about coupons, dates, product sizes etc… Now that’s a pain… (I refuse to print the 8 page Safeway list!)
    Agree – my whole family knew to save packaging for me to dissect. Had a big box full of UPCs, box tops, all possible packaging needed for possible rebates …. years later decided “they dont do it this way anymore… ” Rebates became mostly too complicated. Finally threw out most of that hoard.
    Cant stand twisty-ties and much prefer the plastic “bread clips” because I think they are faster and easier …. well, left handed here.

  24. Anonymous says

    I SOOOOOOOO look for coupons/catalinas on the ground too! A guy in front of me in line once left a catalina for free breath right strips. I did my happy dance right THEN right THERE!

  25. Candice says

    1. I have to make the bed before going to sleep, whether or not it was made in the morning
    2. I sleep with a fan on, even when it’s freezing
    3. Most of the time I dislike reading. Not a great combination since I’m a teacher.
    4. I won’t use a computer mouse if it doesn’t have a little rolling thing a the top to scroll down webpages or documents
    5. I secretly (well, not anymore) wish that I could be one of those people who could sit at Starbucks and do stuff on my laptop.

  26. Amber S says

    Lots of mine deal with sleep:

    I dislike chaos when awake, but can’t sleep in a “wide open” room, which is what a clean room feels to me. So we made bed curtains (that and dh sleeps during the day…).

    The “cozy” thing also goes to – I can’t sleep with just a sheet, even in the summer. I must have some weight. Even VERY frugal me somehow justifies the ac in the summer… cause dh sleeps during the hot day, you know 😉

    I can’t sleep (really, deeply sleep) with someone, anyone touching me. Problematic when our first daughter wouldn’t sleep unless being held for the first year.

    I read – compulsively. To the determent of everything else. Once I stop a book or something it is nearly impossible to stop – or if I do, I’m just 1/2 mentally still in the book.

    Eye tricks, especially rolling eyes make me really, really nauseous.

    I hate making phone calls – dread it. But when I get on the phone I love it and talk forever.

  27. Debbie Williams via Facebook says

    I cannot cook in a dirty kitchen! Every thing has to be in its place! I can’t stand stepping in water or any thing wet in socks! People spitting makes me Ill!

  28. T says

    I found a Catalina coupon on the ground in the Safeway parking lot when I was grabbing a shopping cart and couldn’t believe someone just dropped it when it was for $1 off your next shopping trip. I felt like you in your video as I picked it up and then used it! By the way, I LOVE your blog! You’ve saved me lots of money and I love getting deals.

  29. Krista says

    I have to arrange the plates in the drain rack with the words on the back of them straight & right side up…or it annoys me…I’m trying to work on my neat freak quirks, but the details seem to obsess me too…:)

  30. lisaengle says

    I have never “tooted” in front of my husband. We’ve been together 15 years. I’ll burp like a sailor, though!

    I use my timer to keep me on track. 5 minutes at a time. For example, if things seem overwhelming, i pick a chore and set the timer for 5 minutes to complete that chore. I’ll do 5 minutes of cleaning in each room. When the timer goes off, I move to the next room or give myself 5 more minutes. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in that short period of time.

    Can’t handle teeth on forks. Had to tell my girls that it’s bad manners to do that so they wouldn’t develop the habit, like my sister did!!!

    Hate the smell of brass and pennies.

    Wash my hands way too often.

    Fear spiders. My heart races if I see a bug that I think is a spider. If it turns out to be another bug, it doesn’t bother me. Unless it’s a thousand-legger-bug. (picking my feet off the floor right now)

    Go to bed bundled up like an Eskimo, but usually wake up almost nude! (get too warm and shed my clothes in my sleep)

    Check my daughters window locks every night without fail, and our bedrooms are on the second floor.

    Wow. I’m going to stop for now. Staying up too late on my laptop is another problem I have, but I know I’m not alone with that one!!!

  31. Sarah says

    Um, love this post. I am (in no particular order) wont to:-
    * Separate my food on my plate so that nothing is touching – yes…..much like a small child!
    * Be phone phobic to the point that I cannot make or receive a call. Texting/emailing – yes…..phone calling – no.
    * I count stuff – but when I count it, if it doesn’t add up to an even number, I have to count it twice so that it does.
    I’m sure I could share more, but those kinda sound weird enough already!

    • lisaengle says

      I did that counting thing all through my childhood. My mom said it was because I just needed something to think about all the time, but now I’m pretty sure (for me) it was a form of OCD :) A very harmless, mind-busying habit. I still do it occasionally, but I don’t let it get in the way. In other words, if the count doesn’t even out, i don’t stress it. I know many people with OCD issues. Some are debilitating and really affect their lives in a negative way and others are just quirks. This post is very cathartic! Good to know others have the same quirks :)

  32. Sue says

    These are super fun to read! I can relate to yours and almost every single one posted. That’s almost scary. I simply cannot stand the thought of biting material either, especially cotton. *shiverrrrrrrrrrrrr* And, I hate metal on my teeth. I get my teeth cleaned 2x a year and I’d rather get fillings than get my teeth cleaned but I want to keep my teeth so I do the right thing. And, the spoon in the cup made me LOL. I can’t even stand to stir my coffee. I pour my cream in first and let the pouring coffee mix it up.

  33. Amy says

    Love this! We homeschool too and I also save every, single box top! Maybe I could trade them for some great coupons someday! Who knows! I did email them several years ago to ask if homeschoolers could join their program, but they said, “no.”

    • Faith Reed says

      Some christian school can use them. It is great way to support them. Not all people can Homeschool and If I couldn’t anymore i would pick a christian school.

  34. says

    I cannot go to sleep unless the tv is on, I only have white hangers on all of the clothes in our closets. I hate ice cream, when people talk about how much they love it and what the put on it for toppings, I almost have to leave the room. I have to cut out my coupon inserts on Sunday, even if we are away from home, I get a Sunday paper and clip them. That is enough for now.

  35. Robyn V. says

    This was a fun post!! Let’s see…..I think the single most terryfying thing on this earth is clowns…..sends me into a panic attack!! After a shower, I have to use 1 towel on my face, neck, and hands and then wrap my hair in it. Then I need a 2nd towel on my body. Thinking about wiping my face and hands with me body towel makes me sick to my tummy! I too can not stand the sound of teeth on a fork or spoon. I have so many, if I only pick one more, it would be that at night after the kids go to bed, I have to re-arrange the toy kitchen and put the pretend food where it “belongs”. The cans of soup and similar things can’t go in the fridge!! The pretend milk can’t go in the drawer!! My hubby thinks I’m crazy!!

  36. Christina says

    I don’t drink coffee, but I have to have a spoon in my hot chocolate (or chocolate milk)! I can’t stand the sludge that collects at the bottom. To go with that, I always leave the last 2 or 3 sips of my hot chocolate or herbal tea.

    We’re all a little quirky;)

  37. Amber says

    Let’s see….

    -I have to type my grocery list since I hate it when I see erase marks
    -I have to write down what each item costs and keep track every few aisles (not always a bad thing when you’re on a budget
    -I clean my house from top to bottom..literally. Start in my room and the kitchen downstairs is last. Don’t know why I wouldn’t start where people come in and out but…whatever.
    -I cannot stand when grown people use words like “da hood” or “finna be at skoo” when they graduated with me in 1995!!!!
    -I love to still pick out my 13 yr old clothes so that way I know he “matches” when he leaves the house
    -I do not like mosquitoes..can’t stand…feel there is nothing in this world that they’re protecting us against
    -I, too, enjoy the smell of gasoline
    -Feel that after fast food places have been open for decades, they should stop acting like you don’t know how to order your meal
    -My husband drew me a map of how he liked our yard to be mowed and I liked it. I did not (like my girlfriends) feel that he was in any way insinuating that I was a moron and didn’t know how to mow. I like my house cleaned a certain way, he likes the yard mowed…compromise:)

    There’s probably more but that could take awhile

    • Faith Reed says

      About your grocery list. I use excel and put everything I have ever needed on the list. With Walmart stuff at the bottom. Then I go through the list and remove what i don’t need and print it out. This way it reminds me that maybe we are out of toothpaste or mayo. The things that you remember before you go to the store.

  38. Sue says

    One more for the record and one I haven’t seen (though I haven’t had time to thoroughly read every comment) – I can’t stand folding cold clothes. I run the dry on “freshen up” for another ten minutes just to get them unwrinkled, warm, and smelling good and sometimes I have to do that a few times before I can finish a load. This is no small quirk…I have five small boys and three or four loads a day and it’s completely ridiculous. I let a lot of quirks go sometimes but this one I cannot.

  39. Anonymous says

    I cannot stand watching or hearing anyone drink milk. The filmon the glass is disgusting so I give my kids milk in plastic cups. I will leave the room or plug my ears if I hear a spoon in a cereal bowl.
    I won’t drink from plastic.
    When I tear lettuce apart, I get an Elvis lip… It curls up on one side.
    I smell everything… Drinking glasses, paper, hairbrush.
    I get upset if I could have made a purchase with a coupon and forgot it.
    I can never just buy one item when on sale. If there are 5 left I have to have them all.
    I feel compelled to tell people about a great deal or give them a coupon when at stores.
    I also feel the need to stick thirt shirt tag in or tell them they have beautiful eyes, whatever catches my eye about someone.

    You mean all of this isn’t normal? Ha

    • Amber says

      I’m there with you on all coupon, items and compelling. Would you want to buy something when someone was around to tell you how to get it cheaper??? Also the shirt tag thing bugs the heck out of me…I even make sure that my 13-month-olds is in…even if we’re at home with the family

  40. Nicole Field via Facebook says

    I found a free Bright Green cleaning product Catalina in my cart yesterday! I’m always looking for them…

  41. Becka Siegel via Facebook says

    Whoa. With the exception of zippers & velcro, I think I just might be Felicia’s clone. I feel the exact same way, however, I have been guilty of #13 at times, especially if there’s already been a lot of challenges. I firmly believe in #14 & it’s definitely my favorite. I really wish more people thought this way. The world would be a much better place. Oh, and sometimes I drive on empty. ; )

  42. Becka Siegel via Facebook says

    I would like to add another – I don’t know why but I really hate the sound of someone mixing tuna salad or beating raw eggs. *shudder*

  43. Dana says

    I like your list…
    I too like the smell of a skunk in small doses. I absolutely LOVE fog…

    What do you do with the box tops, how do they help in homeschooling?

  44. Faith Reed says

    One more I just thought of. I have a master list of all the things I make for Thanksgiving diner. I have the item and a list of the ingredients under each one. I usually start buying the none perishable item in Oct or Nov. This until I started couponing. Then I print the list so I can go shopping and cooking.

  45. Rebecca says

    Quirks for me…

    I can’t stand the feel or sound of a cotton ball….giving me the heebie jeebies thinking about it! (the feel, sound, etc. is all just awful!)

    My toilet paper always has to be facing down and the springy tube you put it on always has to have the bigger side going into the smaller from left to right.

    I also clean when I’m angry or stressed

    All of my canned goods face forward and are organized by type (fruit, veggies) then sub-type (peaches, pears, corn, etc.)

    I love the smell of books, diesel exhaust (in small amounts), wood shops, and the mechanic (auto shop)

    I love, love, love the rain but can’t stand the smell of wet asphalt

    What a great post:) It’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

  46. Nikki Weiner via Facebook says

    I was considering coming with Ginamarie…… But I should stay home and get things done. It sounds like it’s going to be sooooo fun!

  47. Rebecca Pope via Facebook says

    I saw what you put about the box tops. Can homeschoolers use them for something? My daughter asked me about one the other day, and I told her they didn’t matter to us, since we homeschool.

  48. Amy Balagot says

    Oh my goodness! You made me SMILE as I read this! I TO rewrite my grocery list before I go to the store if it is not PERFECT! This can actually happen several times. It has to be printed neatly and organized by locations in the strore. Just wanted to share with you too!
    BTW…. I totally love love love your site. You have inspired me to watch where every penny we have goes. I did before… but now I feel so much for in control. It’s a good feeling. Heartfelt thanks to you…

  49. Heather says

    I check the coupon machines at the self checkout for the coupons people don’t take. At Valentines I got the $5 catalina for buying 3 cards that I did buy and I got someone elses too that they just left behind. I’m a dumpster diver at heart.

  50. Gaby says

    My sister gave me the link to your website. I love your story and all the ideas. I also have 4 children, 3 girls 17, 15, 6 and a boy 3. I also re-write shopping lists and to add to that most times I get to the grocery store and can’t find it. I also love school supplies! I can’t change my preset radio stations out of order. It feels strange to change the stations from right to left. If I get desperate enough to stop and ask directions I tune out the directions given so I have to ask again, sometimes more than once. I have a hard time letting anyone read the paper before me. The sections have to be in the order they were intended or it makes me crazy. There is much more but right now can’t think of them. When I go to certain stores I have to start from the same end of the store and work my way around. Even when I am going in for just one thing. I could go on for a while but…I think you get the idea! Thank you!

  51. angelique robinson says

    My quirky things are i hate being alone. I panic over nothing. I hate change. I dont like mismatched things.

  52. Dan H says

    I have to eat with a certain fork at home, or I won’t eat. If I ever lose that fork, I’ll starve to death! :-)

  53. Pamela says

    I love your website you have saved us alot of money.I love FREE things.I get Free samples in the mail it feels like Christmas.When I go to the store and get FREE food or products I do my big Smile and happy dance.I get so excited when Sunday comes I get my coupons.
    I go and just look at my discount&free supplies I have been able to get in the last 2 months.
    My favorite subject is coupons and how to get free things.I even dreamed one night how much I saved at the store while shopping.

  54. Kim says

    I am one of those silly people that have to be on time to everything. If I am late, I would rather just not go. It has been a great struggle for my husband and I, because he never gets anywhere early…lol.

  55. Marie says

    Quirky things about me

    1-I love the smell of manure.

    2-I, too, rewrite my shopping list multiple times or it’s typewritten. I include estimates for each item and space to write actual price and total everything up.

    3-I had to write this elsewhere then copy and paste here so I can edit and make sure all is correct.

    4-I am chronologically obsessive; I need to know the exact order and time things occur and I HATE to be late.

    5-I LOVE to grocery shop, but don’t like shopping for clothes, gifts, or (especially) anything for me.

    6-I can’t handle anything in my mouth that isn’t to be swallowed; no holding a pen in my teeth while I juggle.

    7-I analyze my actions and the motives for them; the “Why?” is a very important question to me and I must be able to explain myself to others (even if I never do because they don’t really care).

    8-I chew on my hair when I’m thinking.

    9-I use rather complex sentences and big words when I speak or write; it is a struggle to simplify.

    10-I get nervous butterflies in my stomach if I have to make a phone call to anyone other than my sister or my husband (at least I no longer get sick).

    You are most definitely NOT the only quirky person in this world. I suppose these quirks are part of what make us unique!

  56. Shelly says

    I rotate dishes, underwear, and socks so the same ones don’t get used all the time. Wouldn’t want any to feel left out!

  57. Teresa says

    While taking a hike through Cape Perpetua last week, we learned of “Skunk Cabbage”. I soooooo wanted to take some and make you a candle out of it, cuz when you burn it, it smells of skunk (thus the name). But you’re not supposed to take wildlife from its habitat and -shockinly- I obeyed. http://www.projectnoah.org/spottings/10699636


  1. […] I get excited about is the Box Tops!  I have no idea why – as we homeschool, it’s just one of many quirky things about me.  Walmart wanted to me let you know that they have over 70 items in their store  that each have 4 […]

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