10 Inexpensive Activities for Kids

kids activities final

We all love putting together fun activities for our kids to play – but let’s face it – sometimes they can get pretty costly. Here is a list of 10 Inexpensive Activities for Kids using items you already have around your house or things you can pick up at the Dollar Tree  or local grocery store! From fun and simple sidewalk chalk games to painted rocks – we have enough activities here that will keep your kids busy during spring break and all summer!

10 Inexpensive Activities for Kids:

  1. Kool-Aid Playdough / 36 Avenue
  2. Kool-Aid Paint / Your Modern Family
  3. Rock Crafts / Martha Stewart
  4. Sidewalk Chalk Games / No Time for Flash Cards
  5. Sidewalk Water Painting / Six Sisters Stuff
  6. DIY Kids Sandbox / Mama Smiles
  7. Marble Launch Game / Spoonful
  8. Frisbee Tic Tac Toe / A Turtle’s Life For Me
  9. Driveway Racetrack / Chocolate Cake Moments
  10. Homemade Sprinkler / Activities for Children and Teens


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